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Recipe from Canada

The gourmet world of maple treasures

The gourmet universe is a selection of receipts from the Quebec and Canadian gastronomy.

the Maple syrup is a versatile product that can be used in a multitude of receipts, from starter to dessert. We invite you to discover through its various uses throughout history, while seeking to make it known to the rest of the world.

You will find the blond gold of Quebec and its derivatives in the form of hundreds of gourmet recipes, sandwich, appetizer, starter, soup, salad, seafood recipe, duck, foie gras, pork, chicken, rabbit, guinea fowl, pheasant, beef, vegetarian recipes, bison, lamb, veal and desserts. You will discover a multitude of cocktails.

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  • Lobster poutine
    Lobster poutine

    Lovers of good Canadian cuisine, try the lobster poutine. This is a variation of the traditional poutine. This preparation enhances the highly prized taste of lobster and combines it with one of the tastiest Quebec recipes. Culinary orgasm guaranteed at the rendezvous. We will know more about it in this article.

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  • Shepherd's pie, traditional recipe from Quebec
    Shepherd's pie, traditional recipe from Quebec

    Shepherd's pie is a traditional Quebec recipe. It has three distinct layers. The first consists of ground beef, the second is made with cream of corn and the last consists of mashed potatoes. This dish, a cousin of shepherd's pie, is very popular in Canada. This tasty preparation joins the ranks of prestigious Quebec dishes alongside the cheese fries and baked beans. Let's find out all about it.

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  • You are looking for perfect BBQ sauces for your grilling: try BBQ sauces from Canada
    You are looking for perfect BBQ sauces for your grilling: try BBQ sauces from Canada

    Made from sweet tomato paste, Cattlemen's Kentucky Bourbon BBQ sauce has everything to please fans of spicy grills. With its rich and thick texture, it will perfectly enhance the taste of meats. It contains the excellent flavor of bourbon, mixed with paprika to bring exoticism to your dishes. To this mix is added a subtle tangy touch of vinegar to accompany your salads and your vegetable farandoles.

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  • What do Canadians eat for breakfast?
    What do Canadians eat for breakfast?

    A cosmopolitan country, Canada stands out for its great cultural diversity. With a population of nearly 38 million, this North American state has no less than 06 ethnic origins. For decades, Canada has been one of the countries where life is good, which is why many foreigners emigrate there every year. One thing leading to another, this melting pot has turned Canadian customs upside down. Indeed, if the local gastronomy is mainly inspired by Scottish and Irish traditions, it is also marked by...

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  • How to make pulled pork with maple syrup?
    How to make pulled pork with maple syrup?

    The gastronomy is in perpetual evolution with every day new recipes as succulent as each other. Among these many preparations, the pulled pork in maple syrup is undoubtedly one of the most adored. Do you want to wow the taste buds of the whole family with this culinary marvel? Discover here the different steps to make pulled pork with maple syrup.

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  • Bacon confit with maple syrup
    Bacon confit with maple syrup

    Bacon is an ingredient that Americans and Canadians consume almost daily. These perfectly grilled strips of pork are indeed delicious. In North America, they are available in maple syrup, which makes them both crispy and sweet. According to fans, it's a divine recipe! We share this original discovery with you to impress your guests at breakfast or for brunch.

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  • Grilled chicken with maple syrup
    Grilled chicken with maple syrup

    With the beautiful days coming back, we also bring out the barbecue for convivial lunches. Chicken is a meat that everyone loves, especially when it's grilled! Bring a little something extra and originality with the recipe for grilled chicken marinated in maple. Our tip: let it marinate overnight for maximum flavor and tenderness. The marinade does not go to waste: we make a nice sauce with it.

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  • Pork ribs with maple syrup
    Pork ribs with maple syrup

    Honey is generally used for marinating and lacquering caramelized or lacquered meats and fish. Did you know that maple syrup can very well replace honey in the recipe for pork ribs? If you like sweet and savory dishes and meats, quickly discover this recipe. Maple syrup marinades and sauces are recent inventions. It is an ingredient that adds an incomparable flavor to meat and fish. You will enjoy more than one!

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  • Maple Baked Beans
    Maple Baked Beans

    Maple sugar and maple syrup are two deliciously sweet ingredients that make up Canadian recipes, especially desserts. However, they can accompany many other preparations including baked and maple beans. Does the name already make your mouth water? But wait until you discover the delights that make up this dish. Let’s go together to dissect this preparation.

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  • Acadian hole poutine
    Acadian hole poutine
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    A lover of Quebec culinary specialties, you are certainly familiar with the famous poutine. However, have you ever heard of the hole poutine? We invite you to discover more in these few lines.

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  • Native American bannock
    Native American bannock

    Traditional bread consumed in Quebec, the Amerindian bannock is made up of various ingredients including flour, salt, water… The colonists of North America greatly appreciated this round and flat bread. If you want to eat a good Canadian meal, invite the bannock and its exquisite flavors to your table. Let's find out how to cook it.

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  • Apple butter with maple
    Apple butter with maple

    Do you know maple apple butter? This Quebec culinary specialty is characterized by a texture similar to that of compote. However, it is much tastier. Try this original recipe to cook your beautiful harvest of apples. We will learn more about it in these few lines.

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  • Blueberry Muffins
    Blueberry Muffins

    The blueberry, Canada's emblematic fruit, is known for its delicate flavor and bright color. It is cultivated and is used in a variety of recipes. It is offered in many forms: jams, juices, dried or in fruit paste. Do you want to introduce dried blueberries into your preparations? Try the blueberry muffins. This delicious recipe is easy to make. With wild blueberries, it is even better!

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  • Saskatoon Berry Pie
    Saskatoon Berry Pie

    Taste Canada's most iconic pastry. This is Saskatoon's famous berry pie. It presents all the criteria that make it a quintessential Quebec delicacy. Let's discover it together.

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  • Cranberry Brownies
    Cranberry Brownies

    How about a generously sweet and chocolate snack? Treat yourself and bite into a succulent chocolate brownie. To recall the flavors of Canada, add cranberry or cranberry to your recipe. Let's discover together this preparation of cranberry brownies to make our mouths water.

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  • Quebec fish soup
    Quebec fish soup

    Lover of delicious Canadian recipes, discover Quebec fish soup. With its surprising flavors, it warms the hearts and palates of fine gourmets. Serve this succulent gourmet preparation generously garnished to your guests to move them. Let's discover together the specificities of this typical Canadian dish.

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  • Bacon and maple syrup burger
    Bacon and maple syrup burger

    How about biting into a tasty Canadian burger? Discover the recipe which consists of bacon and maple syrup. It mixes the country's emblematic ingredients in a burger with a unique taste. Let's find out more about this way of cooking the hamburger.

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  • Sugar cream from Maison Sainte Julie
    Sugar cream from Maison Sainte Julie

    Sugar cream is a gourmet inseparable from the holiday seasons in Quebec. Each family has its own recipe and besides, it is not always easy to succeed in the preparations. Fortunately, there are ready-made products with all the flavors like the sugar cream from Sainte Julie.

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  • How to use maple sugar?
    How to use maple sugar?

    Maple syrup is a traditional and popular food in North America. We owe its origin to the Native Americans who already used it as a source of sugar, long before the arrival of the settlers. A legend attributes the discovery of the syrup to the dogs who would have licked a branch of maple, thus giving the idea to their master to taste it in turn. When the first settlers arrived in North America, the Amerindians taught them the art of pruning the trunks to collect the sap. The syrup is obtained...

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  • Focus on sugar cream, a typical Quebec delicacy
    Focus on sugar cream, a typical Quebec delicacy

    Do you want to know the secrets to a successful sugar cream? Then read this article! It also contains useful information on its nutritional values and on the top 10 best fudges. Focus on this specifically Quebec treat!

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