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  • Canadian maple syrup cake recipe
    Canadian maple syrup cake recipe

    Out of recipe idea for the family snack? Why not prepare a delicious maple syrup cake to combine French pastry with quality products from Canada? Let's discover together the basics of this preparation and the origin of the ingredients that compose it.

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  • Timbits

    Taste Canadian timbits for have a maid amount of sugar. A bite of this sweetness will make you melt thanks to its jam or cream filling. Easy to prepare, these little balls appeal to young and old alike. Let's read the recipe in the following lines.

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  • Quebec recipe for blueberry bread pudding
    Quebec recipe for blueberry bread pudding

    Do you have leftover dry bread lying around the kitchen? Why throw away when you can still recycle? What if you made a delicious blueberry bread pudding? How to prepare it? Let's find out in this article.

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  • Delicious Canadian recipe for sisters farts
    Delicious Canadian recipe for sisters farts

    Are you looking for an original recipe idea to serve for dessert? What if this time, you offered the sister's fart to your guests to end the meal on a nice note of maple syrup? The name leaves you perplexed, but it's a sublime Canadian dish that doesn't lack flavor. Let's discover the different ingredients and the preparation of this gastronomic specialty of Canada.

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  • Chocolate and potato cake recipe
    Chocolate and potato cake recipe

    Cake is usually eaten with dessert, but many prefer to shake up traditions and eat it for breakfast or even as a snack. In Canada, you can taste different kinds of cake, but this time, we invite you to discover the chocolate and potato version.

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  • Canadian Candy Potato Recipe
    Canadian Candy Potato Recipe

    Have you ever heard of Canadian candy coated in potato ? Exotic and rich in flavors, Quebec gastronomy invites you to savor sweets with potatoes? Canada stands out for its unique recipes made with rare ingredients. Let's discover the specificities of this iconic candy of the country.

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  • Canadian Maple Pecan Pie Recipe
    Canadian Maple Pecan Pie Recipe

    To end a meal on a nice sweet note, serve yourself a good slice of Canadian pie. For this, we choose a maple and pecan pie. This sweet dessert tantalizes the taste buds with its melting and crunchy texture. This sweet tart is made with a custard made from pecans and corn syrup. Today, we add vanilla and salt to the recipe. To vary the pleasures, there's nothing like a little extra chocolate and a few notes of bourbon. This delicacy was once served with a little whipped cream during...

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  • Recipe for Franco-Accadian Ploye (Acadian pancake)
    Recipe for Franco-Accadian Ploye (Acadian pancake)

    Franco-Accadian ployes are a very different type of crepe, although they look a bit like pancakes. They are prepared with buckwheat flour and are only cooked on one side, hence the characteristic "holes" that they develop during cooking. We share with you the recipe for these traditional crepes, still very popular in Quebec.

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  • Blueberries pie
    Blueberries pie

    This small berry from the same family as our blueberries is very rich in antioxidants, especially if it comes from a wild culture. Dried blueberries can be added to many preparations, such as blueberry pie. The latter is a must-have classic in Canada and the United States. We share with you the recipe for this gourmet pie that will delight young and old.

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  • The Nanaimo Bar
    The Nanaimo Bar

    A dessert traditionally eaten in North America, the Nanaimo bar does not require cooking. It consists of three different layers. Also known as "Mabel's Bar", this delicacy is one of Canada's best culinary specialties. We will know more about this culinary specialty in these few lines.

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  • Apple butter with maple
    Apple butter with maple

    Do you know maple apple butter? This Quebec culinary specialty is characterized by a texture similar to that of compote. However, it is much tastier. Try this original recipe to cook your beautiful harvest of apples. We will learn more about it in these few lines.

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  • Blueberry Muffins
    Blueberry Muffins

    The blueberry, Canada's emblematic fruit, is known for its delicate flavor and bright color. It is cultivated and is used in a variety of recipes. It is offered in many forms: jams, juices, dried or in fruit paste. Do you want to introduce dried blueberries into your preparations? Try the blueberry muffins. This delicious recipe is easy to make. With wild blueberries, it is even better!

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  • Saskatoon Berry Pie
    Saskatoon Berry Pie

    Taste Canada's most iconic pastry. This is Saskatoon's famous berry pie. It presents all the criteria that make it a quintessential Quebec delicacy. Let's discover it together.

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  • Cranberry Brownies
    Cranberry Brownies

    How about a generously sweet and chocolate snack? Treat yourself and bite into a succulent chocolate brownie. To recall the flavors of Canada, add cranberry or cranberry to your recipe. Let's discover together this preparation of cranberry brownies to make our mouths water.

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  • Quebec milkshake
    Quebec milkshake

    Enjoy the original tastes of Quebec products in a delicious milk-based drink. Discover the distinctive flavors of the Canadian milkshake. This tasty refreshment is made with different ingredients from Quebec. Let's take a look at its specificities.

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  • Sugar cream from Maison Sainte Julie
    Sugar cream from Maison Sainte Julie

    Sugar cream is a gourmet inseparable from the holiday seasons in Quebec. Each family has its own recipe and besides, it is not always easy to succeed in the preparations. Fortunately, there are ready-made products with all the flavors like the sugar cream from Sainte Julie.

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  • Focus on sugar cream, a typical Quebec delicacy
    Focus on sugar cream, a typical Quebec delicacy
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    Do you want to know the secrets to a successful sugar cream? Then read this article! It also contains useful information on its nutritional values and on the top 10 best fudges. Focus on this specifically Quebec treat!

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  • Beaver tail recipe
    Beaver tail recipe

    Canada is a country rich in culinary specialties and beaver tail is one of the essential recipes. It is distinguished by its soft texture as well as its oval, elongated and flat shape. This Canadian donut has its own cooking method. In addition, the ingredients used during its preparation are well defined. But what can be said about the true story of the beaver tail and how is it concocted?

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  • Maple syrup donuts
    Maple syrup donuts

    Cook Canadian with this maple syrup donut recipe. Buy all the corresponding products on the site.

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  • Cranberry muffins
    Cranberry muffins

    Discover the recipe for Canadian cranberry muffins. Buy all the corresponding products on the site.

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