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Decorative objects from Canada

Canada is a country whose total landmass ranks it among the largest countries in the world. It has many specificities that set it apart from other territories. The objects found inside the houses are a uniquely Canadian feature.

In a world where we can make most of the things we need and buy, the decorative object has largely taken on the role of an ornament. They are often expensive or collectible, and they can be very beautiful. In this section, you will discover a large number of typically Canadian decorative objects.

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Indian barometer in branch of coudier tree

Real hand-made barometer in Île-aux-CoudresThe branches of the Coudrier bend according to the atmospheric pressure, and thus make it possible to predict the good weather or the rain.Dimension: 45 cm in length (approximately)

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Unique decorative items

Canada has beautiful landscapes, it has been described as having some of the most beautiful natural landscapes. People are drawn to many parts of the country to admire its beauty from various places.

Canadian artifacts are popular with tourists as an interesting gift they can take home after seeing the beauty of Canada. Even if visitors don't live in Canada, they can remember they were there by taking home a souvenir. Even more, you can buy these beautiful decorations without going there!

Canadian decorating idea

The deer is a popular symbol of the city of Montreal… Thus, many of these beautiful objects are in the shape of a deer. are a form of collectible, and many people enjoy collecting them because of their variety and beauty.

One of the most recognizable pieces among Canadian decorative objects is undoubtedly the Indian barometer. It is made of wood carved from a branch of a hazel tree. The scale is painted in black ink and the round, flat hazel is made from a real piece of wood, with a section cut out to serve as a magnifying glass…The hazel was commonly used in Canada because it was very easy to carve and light enough to carry and use. It is used a bit like a modern barometer, by placing the tip inside the object whose temperature or pressure we want to measure.


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