Poutine cheese curds

Poutine cheese curds

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Poutine cheese curds 500 g

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The real poutine cheese from Quebec

Poutine is perhaps Canada's most iconic food. More specifically, it's the cheese curds found in poutine that make it so special. If you can't find cheese curds near you, don't worry. You can also choose not to search.

We have a range of cheese curds for you! With these products, you'll never again be stuck with a sad dish of soggy, dehydrated fries... What are you waiting for? Embark on your poutine-making adventure today!

Cheese curds to prepare a real poutine dish

Prepare real poutine like in Quebec, fries, poutine sauce, but above all a good cheese curd.

You will find the “couic-couic” cheese, in a 500g vacuum-packed bag and frozen (ideal for 4 people).

What is poutine?

Classic poutines are fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy, one of the most popular dishes in Canada. Its name comes from the French word poutine. Popular media have given this dish different names, such as melted cheese, poutine, and poutine, reflecting its origins.

In short, poutine is an easy dish to make at home. So, if you want to prepare your own poutine, don’t hesitate to check out our poutine products! We have everything you need to prepare Canadian dishes like poutine, chicken salad and vinaigrette. We offer poutine sauce and cheese curds to accompany your dishes.

Poutine cheese curds

Cheese curds are a small piece of fresh or partially ripened cheddar that has not been pressed. It contains whey protein with a strong taste. This fresh cheese curd can be made with different cheeses like cheddar, mozzarella, Monterey Jack, depending on the region.

Cheese curds are deliciously rich, light and moist. It can be eaten alone as a snack or used in a variety of recipes like poutine. Many chefs crush cheese curds to make them finer. They then use it in recipes like cheese toasties, fondue and quiche.

Where to find poutine cheese in France

Cheese curds for poutine are a Quebec specialty that are increasingly popular in France. It can be found in certain specialized cheese shops or on online sites that offer Canadian products. Some supermarkets sell cheese curds, but it is sometimes difficult to find in areas where it is popular.

To enjoy a good poutine in France, it is advisable to find specialized restaurants. These restaurants offer Quebec cheese. It is also possible to order cheese online on our site.

How is poutine cheese made?

Traditional poutine is made with fresh cow's milk heated and curdled to form cheese grains. These grains are then pressed to remove excess liquid, which gives the cheese its characteristic texture. Then, the cheese is salted and left to mature for a few days to develop its flavors.

Poutine cheese is an essential ingredient for preparing this emblematic Quebec dish, poutine. It is essential to obtain the authentic taste and melting texture of this delicious dish. Don’t hesitate to get some poutine cheese for an authentic Quebecois culinary experience in France.


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