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Canadian Gin

Gin is a spirit made from alcohol and juniper berries. Canadian distilleries have always been dedicated to its production. Come and discover the gin of Canada.

All about Canadian gin

Gin is a drink with a high alcohol content, ranging from 30 % at 48 %. Its preparation is made from a neutral alcohol by adding water and spices. All these ingredients will then be distilled by adding juniper berries, spices and citrus skins. Its strong and spicy taste is obtained thanks to the juniper berries.

In recent years, Quebec gin has been booming. There are up to 200 brands of gin in Canada resulting in several types of gin.

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Reference: LTE1306

Brand: Maison Nokomis

Akenes spice gin - Nokomis

An exceptional Quebec gin: Akenes Inspired by the rains of samaras falling from the maple trees and the passion of the Nokomis house for the harmony of flavors. Gin Akenes is made from a maceration of carefully selected spices, herbs and samaras. A fresh and classic taste of a good gin offering a balanced amalgam of spices. A final, with the sweetness...

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Reference: LTE1309

Brand: Distillerie La Chaufferie

Canadian Gin Furlong - La Chaufferie

A Gin, the very essence of a London Dry Classic Furlong gin is distilled from a symphony of spices, herbs and aromatics, this alcohol is unmistakably characterized. Pepper, bay leaf and rosemary set off this seductive ball of rich fragrances emanating from this gin. They then give way to aromas of jasmine and orange peel. Slightly saline, reminiscent...

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Reference: LTE1303

Brand: Cidre Neige

Canadian Snow Gin

Gin that comes from cold Quebec Gin de Neige reveals its refined and unique taste thanks to a selection of aromatics and wild herbs from Quebec and the addition of a little Cider de Glace Neige.

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Reference: LTE1310

Brand: Distillerie Mariana

Violet Wildflower Gin

Violette is a dry gin with herbaceous, floral and citrus aromas. At the first scent, the smells of lush vegetation released by its main ingredients captivate us. There is a large quantity of juniper berries, rosemary, coriander, cardamom and wild flowers such as geranium, chamomile and lavender picked in Quebec fields.Here is the ideal spirit to surprise...

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Reference: LTE1311

Brand: Les Subversifs

Maple gin liqueur - Réduit Léo

Discover Réduit Léo, a unique gin that captures the very essence of Canada. Crafted with care and passion, this maple syrup-infused gin stands out for its velvety smoothness and unforgettable character. Main Features: Unique Flavor - A harmonious marriage between the robust taste of gin and the sweetness of maple. Artisanal Distillation - Each...

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Canada's Snow Gin

With an alcohol content of 43°, Canada's snow gin is commonly called the "gin that came in from the cold".

It is made from 100 ingredients % Canadians. Indeed, it is composed of:

  • Apple water: from ice cider to decorate its copper-colored dress,
  • Juniper berries: the ingredient that makes gin unique,
  • Herbaceous plant and white spruce.

Premium Gin from Canada UNGAVA

The term UNGAVA means “open waters”. This is a typical Quebec product. Its elaboration is as unique as its name. Among its components are purely Canadian herbs. Its taste is very accentuated and distinctive from these other cousins.

It is composed of :

  • Northern Juniper Berry,
  • tea leaves,
  • rosehip berries,
  • Crowberry.

Gin with AKÈNES spices

Inspired by the rain of Samaras which had fallen on the maple, the AKÈNES spiced gin is made from a mixture of spices, herbs and samaras. The latter are quite bizarre fruits in terms of their shape. They give this gin a rather spicy taste with a citrus note. This earned him a gold medal in 2021.

Canadian Gin FURLONG

This type of gin is the London Dry Gin type. It is composed of spices, herbs and aromatics. They are all distilled to bring out the saline taste and its creamy texture.


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