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You want to explore Canada: The Indian summer, the flora and fauna of Canada, the forests and the great outdoors, the mythical places to discover.

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  • Why do Canadians build their homes out of wood?
    Why do Canadians build their homes out of wood?

    But it's not just a question of availability, there are practical and economic reasons why Canadians prefer wood for their homes. It dates back to early French and British settlers who used local resources to construct homes and buildings. Nonetheless, wood is a building material with several advantages, making it a natural choice for builders and homeowners. Even today, wood continues to be a very popular building material throughout the country.

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  • The best beaches in Canada
    The best beaches in Canada

    Beaches are not the first type of place that comes to mind when talking about Canada. The country still has some beautiful beaches. We invite you to discover them with us. Through this article, we will go from coast to coast to the lake beaches of Canada. If the ocean beaches are the most beautiful and spectacular, the beaches of its innumerable lakes - excluding glacier lakes - are the most suitable for swimming.

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  • Canada, a country rich in native plants
    Canada, a country rich in native plants

    Canada is a country that abounds in natural wealth, including its native flora which presents exceptionally varied and diversified plants. Native plants are those that have evolved naturally in a given environment, without human intervention. Their presence in an ecosystem is therefore important for maintaining the natural balance and the survival of the animal species that depend on it. Canada has many native plants, some of which are endemic to certain regions of the country, meaning they...

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  • The main species of wood in Canada
    The main species of wood in Canada

    Canada has a vast forest, which contributes to its economy, in particular thanks to the forest industry. The Canadian forest has more than a hundred softwood species of exceptional quality. These are very useful in different industrial sectors, such as construction, manufacturing of wooden products and carpentry. Some tree species are used more than others. Find out in this article which ones they are.

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  • Discover major Canadian cities
    Discover major Canadian cities

    Canada has many cities, each more interesting than the next. In this article, we will explore the essential cities of the country, by their history, their economic or strategic importance. Do you dream of moving to Canada or immigrating there? We will also tell you about the most multicultural metropolises to help you in your choice.

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  • The canadian beaver
    The canadian beaver

    The Canada beaver or Canadian beaver is the largest rodent in North America and around the world. It is an essentially nocturnal herbivorous mammal living in semi-aquatic environments. Apart from humans, beavers are the only mammals that shape their environment. Expert in building dams and huts, this animal is a very effective helper in natural areas and forests. To learn more about the Canadian beaver, we invite you to discover everything you need to know about it.

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  • Going to Canada with the family: a fascinating vacation!
    Going to Canada with the family: a fascinating vacation!

    Going to Canada as a family is a very good initiative for those who want to discover new horizons. This fascinating country offers a variety of breathtaking landscapes. It also offers many outdoor activities for tourists and vacationers. In addition, Canadians' sense of hospitality is recognized worldwide. This makes it a welcoming place for foreign visitors. In addition, Canadian cities are safe, clean and offer a multitude of attractions for all ages. Discover in this article why Canada...

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  • Eating in a sugar shack in Quebec, a must!
    Eating in a sugar shack in Quebec, a must!

    The sugar shack in Quebec is an essential culinary tradition for locals and tourists. This unique experience allows you to discover the culture and flavors of the province by tasting typical dishes. Most are made with maple syrup, the province's sweet star. For the inhabitants of the province, joining this gathering place is an annual ritual. It is also an opportunity for them to share the culture and history of Quebec with visitors and tourists. These establishments are often located in the...

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  • Canada's Best Beers
    Canada's Best Beers

    Do you like Canadian beers? Or would you like to discover them? We have prepared a small list of our best suggestions in terms of beers produced in Canada. You will mainly find the big names in Canadian beer, some of which are available on our site. You will also find craft beers and more amazing flavors.

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  • Electricity production in Canada
    Electricity production in Canada

    Canada offers some of the lowest electricity rates among developed countries. Electricity is used mainly for heating, lighting and electric motors. The country's electricity sector has changed significantly over the past decade. First there was liberalization in the 1990s, then the introduction and strengthening of production structures based on renewable energies. In recent years, nuclear production has fluctuated a lot. More info on electricity production in the following article.

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  • Crossing Canada in a motorhome: an unforgettable adventure
    Crossing Canada in a motorhome: an unforgettable adventure

    Crossing Canada in a motorhome is an experience that is sure to leave lasting memories. This huge country, with its varied landscapes and natural wonders, offers a multitude of opportunities for road trippers. Nature enthusiasts will keep an unforgettable memory of this expedition through the different regions of the country. It's also a unique opportunity to recharge your batteries in the great outdoors and discover maple country from a new angle.

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  • Where to watch whales in Canada?
    Where to watch whales in Canada?

    Bordered by three oceans, Canada is a particularly favorable destination for spotting whales. In fact, more than 33 species are visible in its waters. In general, the summer months offer the most favorable weather and sea conditions to embark on an epic wildlife adventure. Do you dream of seeing these majestic animals with your own eyes? We give you some tips for your next excursion to see whales in Canada, depending on the species or the location.

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  • The Quebec Carnival
    The Quebec Carnival

    The Carnaval de Québec is the largest and oldest winter carnival in the world. This festival, which celebrates the cold season, is generally held for a fortnight in Quebec City. Many events take place there over three weekends in January and February: parades, outdoor concerts, sporting events, etc. The 2023 edition started on February 4: the opening date had to be postponed due to bad weather. For the 70th edition, the planned dates are from February 2 to 11, 2024.

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  • Canada, the country with the most lakes in the world
    Canada, the country with the most lakes in the world

    Canada concentrates 60 % of the world's natural lakes and 9% of its territory covered with fresh water. It contains more than 20% of the world's fresh water. It is the country with the largest number of natural lakes in the world, and it is followed by Russia and the United States. Natural lakes, like those found throughout Canada, form in mountainous regions and rift zones, as well as in areas of glaciation - all of these regions occur naturally in this country.

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  • How are order kiosks revolutionizing the dining experience in Canada?
    How are order kiosks revolutionizing the dining experience in Canada?

    Over the years, the restaurant industry has seen many innovations, including the introduction of order kiosks in restaurants. This technology has revolutionized the dining experience in Canada by providing customers with a more personalized and efficient experience. Here is an article that discusses the subject in more detail.

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  • The history of the Château de Frontenac
    The history of the Château de Frontenac

    This hotel is an imposing presence in Quebec. Perched on a hill overlooking the city, with its airs of a fortress and its Victorian architecture, it resembles a castle or a French mansion. In addition to having witnessed several great moments in history, the Château Frontenac has also been an important film location. This symbol of Quebec City has a rich history, which we invite you to discover through this article.

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  • Canadian trappers, stories and evolutions
    Canadian trappers, stories and evolutions

    Trappers have played an important role in Canadian history. Also known as "coureurs des bois", they were excellent explorers and hunters, scouring vast expanses of wilderness to find furry animals to trap. At the beginning of the 17th century, brown gold fever reached the settlers, and the beaver fur trade quickly developed, confirming the importance of this activity which has become a Canadian heritage. Trappers were often forced to venture alone into the depths of Native American...

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  • Spices from Canada's boreal forests
    Spices from Canada's boreal forests

    The term spices certainly conjures up images of exotic lands such as Asia, Mexico, the Middle East or archipelagos in the oceans. However, the countries of the North also have their own spices, some of which grow wild. In Canada, it is the spices of the Canadian boreal forests. They are mainly found in Quebec, in Gaspésie or in the Lac Saint-Jean region. Most of them are medicinal plants. We invite you to discover some of them in this article.

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  • Canada: a huge mustard seed producer
    Canada: a huge mustard seed producer

    Mustard is one of the oldest condiments in the world. It gives taste and character to different recipes and preparations. It is an essential ingredient for successful mayonnaise, dressings and sauces. By crushing the seed, an oil is obtained which is used in the food industry. We know mustard well in France, but did you know that to date, the largest producer in the world remains Canada? We tell you more.

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  • The best ice ciders produced in Canada
    The best ice ciders produced in Canada

    Ice cider is obtained thanks to the intense cold of the country, just like ice wine. In Canada, it is mainly produced in Quebec. Good apples and harsh winters are needed to produce this complex drink. Rich in aromas, it is also syrupy, acidic and sweet in taste. We have prepared our selection of the best ice ciders for you. Some are available on our online store, do not hesitate to discover them.

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