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Canadian spirits

Want to know more about the wide variety of Canadian spirits. You will find many articles on all Canadian spirits. From maple whiskeys, spicy rums, to gins.

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  • Canadian whiskey with maple syrup
    Canadian whiskey with maple syrup

    Of Scottish origin, whiskey is an alcoholic grain brandy that has convinced consumers around the world and for years. From the distillation of fermented musts, whiskeys are drinks whose manufacture is quite complex.

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  • Discover Quebec rums
    Discover Quebec rums

    If Puerto Rico has always been the first producer of rum in the world, Canada is now becoming one of the most powerful distilleries. The province of Quebec has indeed played a major role in this transition, notably with the creation of the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ). Currently, Quebec rum is doing perfectly well and is enjoying great success with both local and foreign consumers. Let's discover Quebec rums: the specificities as well as the different types.

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  • Discover Quebec gins
    Discover Quebec gins

    While the market has long been dominated by brands such as Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray or Beefeater, small distilleries have multiplied in North America. Canada today produces quality, world-renowned gins. The best of these locally produced gins are beginning to gain more and more recognition. These products are sure to only get better from now on.

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  • Quebec vodkas: a worldwide reputation
    Quebec vodkas: a worldwide reputation

    The Quebec scene never ceases to amaze spirits lovers with its distillation techniques operating between modernity and tradition. Vodka is considered a flagship product of Quebec. The first bottle was put on the local market in 2015. Highly appreciated by local consumers, spirits manufacturing companies in Quebec have increased their production to be able to meet demand.

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  • Canadian beers
    Canadian beers

    Canadians consume an average of 78 liters of beer per person per year and Canada ranks 25th among brewers in the world. Sleeman, Molson, Keith, Labatt and Oland have been popular names with heavy beer drinkers for generations. But, over the course of a few years, the sale of beer lost market share in Canada, unlike that in Quebec, which experienced a slight increase.

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