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Home of canadian whiskey

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Mistelle maple liqueur

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Brand: Alchimia

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Alchimia maple cream with maple syrup

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Brand: Distillerie Mariana

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Cream liqueur Saint Crème with sugar cream

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Brand: Spicebox

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Canadian Spicy Whiskey - Spicebox

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A selection of the best Canadian whiskey

Canada has over 200 whiskey producers and this number continues to grow every year. Some have been making their whiskey for over 100 years. Before, it was impossible to find them on the entire market. But today, this country is one of the largest producers and exporters of spirits in the world.

Originating from the cold, frigid North, Canada has been making spirits for decades. We're not going to bore you with a history lesson. But instead we're going to introduce you to some of the best Canadian whiskeys available today! All the whiskeys you find here are made from Canadian whiskey, aged in oak barrels and blended to a unique proof.

Unique style of alcohol production

Canada's expert distillers take great care to create transparent flavors by blending real maple syrup with distilled Canadian whiskey. The result is a smooth whiskey with an incredible natural maple flavor that whets the appetite for food... friendship... maybe even romance!

These spirits producers are all consumer-focused, which has allowed them to develop a proprietary aging process that delivers authentic taste and exceptional quality. The extra points in their alcohol content make them excellent sipping whiskeys... Finally, the assertive character of these whiskeys is a wonderful juxtaposition to anyone currently enjoying the summer season!

A line of Canadian whiskey

In our selection, we offer whiskeys that do not contain any additives or artificial coloring. They're bold, strong and confident, with flavor that flows naturally from start to finish and leaves your taste buds hungry. Made from wheat, malted corn, rye and barley grains, they taste mild, smooth and just a hint of spice. You'll immediately notice the rich whiskey flavor, which will warm you from head to toe!

There are many blends, Canadian maple whiskeys that have catapulted to international fame, that you can purchase on our page. Browse our selection and choose your favorite now!


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