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Canada vineyard

The vineyards of Canada are still unknown abroad, the Canadian vintages want to exceed the notoriety of the famous ice wine.

Canada has bet on the quality of these wines rather than the quantity to develop a promising sector.

In Canada there are 4 regions that produce wine: Quebec, Nova Scotia, and the two largest Ontario and British Columbia.

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  • The best icewines produced in Canada
    The best icewines produced in Canada

    Icewine is made from the harvest of frozen grapes. Although this technique is not Canadian, the country is today known for the quality of its ice wines. The conditions are indeed met there to allow the production of ice wine. This complex drink is a real concentrate of tastes, smells and flavors. Do you want to discover this sweet wine from the great cold? We have prepared our list of the best ice wines produced in Canada.

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  • Focus on the Labranche estate “maple grove, orchard and vineyard”
    Focus on the Labranche estate “maple grove, orchard and vineyard”

    Go on an adventure by discovering the Roussillon estate in Quebec. It develops with the generations, and has been run for eight generations by the Desgroseilliers family. At first a simple agricultural operation, he then extended his maple syrup activity, an orchard, a cider house and a vineyard.

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  • Focus on the Canadian vineyard
    Focus on the Canadian vineyard

    The Canadian Vineyard is an idyllic rural getaway, with breathtaking views and luxurious accommodations. For the first time in the last 50 years, Canadian wineries are open to the public. Just a short drive from the Greater Toronto Area and the Ottawa Valley, it's not hard to see why our country is attracting international attention as a tourist destination.

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  • Canadian ice ciders
    Canadian ice ciders

    Ice and cold are an integral part of the cultural heritage of the Canadian province. From the combination of apple orchards and harsh Quebec winters, ice cider is born. It is an invention that conquered the tables of the best restaurants in the world and which continues to be talked about.

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  • Discover Canadian ice cider
    Discover Canadian ice cider

    Ice cider is not apple juice on ice, it is a delicate, delicious and sweet liqueur made from frozen apples. It is also necessary to know how to drink ice cider.

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  • Icewine from Quebec and Canada
    Icewine from Quebec and Canada

    the ice wine is a wine made from frozen grapes also called late harvest. These wines have a very high concentration of residual sugar and are balanced by their acidity.

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