Bison meat

Bison meat

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Bison terrine with cognac - 90g

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Bison is an excellent substitute that allows you to explore new flavors while offering you high nutritional values. It’s also a tastier option! The bison is free-range and grass-fed; so it contains less fat than typical beef. This may also make bison meat healthier for you than mass-market beef.

Bison meat was part of the diet of Native American tribes. Not only was it an abundant food, but it also provided essential protein to their diet. Some tribes believed that the animal was actually created by the Great Spirit to be a source of food for humans.

Real health benefits

Bison meat, due to its excellent nutrition, is increasingly used in the production of various meat products. It is a great alternative to other meats. Additionally, bison meat provides your body with a considerable amount of essential fatty acids. These are important for maintaining healthier skin and hair.

Many studies show that bison meat products are lower in calories and saturated fat than beef. Bison meat is lower in cholesterol, which is a huge health benefit for many people.

Bison meat products

Bison meat is one of the leanest and healthiest red meats available in Canada today. It does not contain hormones or antibiotic residues, meaning it can be enjoyed as a complete food product, free from any additional additives or chemical preservatives.

There are a wide variety of bison meat products, such as bison jerky, bison terrine, and bison dry sausage. A small bite of these products not only gives you a very healthy meal but also connects you with your surroundings as it is created using the highest quality authentic ingredients.


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