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A selection of the best aperitifs in Quebec

We have selected for you a range of aperitifs most appreciated by Canadians. Among the most prestigious you will find the famous caribou which can be enjoyed cold or hot, Canadian mulled wine, maple whiskeys from Sortilège and the essential Coureur des bois maple cream for unique and successful aperitifs. You will also find chic-shock rum...

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Mistelle maple liqueur

The maple liqueur that takes you back to the days of sugar.Succumb to the captivating sweetness of our Maple Mistelle, an artisanal liqueur that captures the very essence of the Canadian terroir. Each drop of this liquid wonder is an ode to tradition and quality, crafted with passion by the La Vallée Bleue Distillery.Our Maple Mistelle is the result of a...

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Reference: LTE1406

Brand: Distillerie Mariana

Mariana Distillery Discovery Pack

Discovery of Mariana alcohols in a unique boxFind this tasting discovery pack of the complete range of products from the Mariana distillery including:Rum, cream and amaretto lovers will find what they are looking for with the discovery pack offered by Distillerie Mariana. This batch brings together the best products of the brand like the famous Morbleu...

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Reference: LTE1403

Brand: Distillerie Mariana

Amaretto with maple syrup April

Amaretto made with maple syrup from Mariana An Italian classic revisited through the Quebec terroir. It is directly inspired by traditional Italian amaretto recipes. Arvil is the Quebec amaretto that incorporates several elements of its gastronomy, such as maple syrup and the mythical balsam. It has a smooth and unctuous texture on the palate with a...

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Brand: Distillerie Mariana

Cream liqueur Saint Crème with sugar cream

The canadian sugar cream liqueur A creamy alcoholic cream reminiscent of the authentic sugar cream, an authentic Quebec recipe. It respects the different flavors of this Canadian dessert, with vanilla, white chocolate and brown sugar. Composition : Brown sugar cream vanilla white chocolates

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Brand: Caribou

Caribou wine - Quebec folklore

Caribou - Product of Quebec FolkloreVin Caribou is an aperitif made from an old traditional recipe. Legend has it that this beverage was created by the very first settlers who came to Quebec towards the end of the 17th century. Native American tribes of the time believed that this foreign drink contained caribou blood, thus naming it in reference to this...

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Brand: Maison Nokomis

Fortified maple wine Legend - Nokomis

Legend fortified maple wine from the Nokomis brand is similar to port wine. It is produced from maple wine, according to a recipe closely guarded by its manufacturer. Quebec restaurateurs particularly appreciate this alcoholic beverage. Delicate and complex at the same time, it leaves a good smell of maple and spices on the nose and on the palate. You...

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Brand: Alchimia

Flavored Canadian Vodka - Alchimia

A vodka flavored with oats and vanillaThis unfiltered, flavored vodka is made from repeatedly distilled wheat alcohol and fragrant oats from northeastern Poland. It is a very light, delicate, refined and soft alcohol on the palate. It flows gently into the throat it warms.The brand describes its vodka as bold and sophisticated, captivating and...

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Brand: Distillerie La Chaufferie

Canadian vodka Lemay - La Chaufferie

A real Quebec Vodka, double gold medalThis vodka from the Distillerie La Chaufferie brand is obtained by triple distillation in copper stills. Its alcohol content is 40%.On the nose, we detect notes of almonds and fresh bread. It moves away from tasteless vodkas, as it is creamy and round. It leaves a sweet sensation in the mouth and a spicy finish. Lemay...

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Blackcurrant cream - 200 ml

Multi-award-winning Crème de cassisLes Trésors d'Érable invite you to savor the crème de cassis. This product has been rewarded many times for its many virtues. How to consume this cream and what are its virtues? The benefits of crème de cassisThis cream has a beautiful radiant color with its magnificent purple and purplish reflections. You will also like...

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Brand: Coureur des Bois - Ungava

Whiskey & Cream liqueur duo with maple syrup - Coureur des Bois

The best of Coureur des Bois whiskey liqueur and cream Find this discovery pack of the range of Coureur des Bois whiskeys with maple syrup (take advantage of reduced prices) including: Whiskey liqueur with maple syrup Coureur des Bois in 750ml Coureur des Bois Maple Cream in 750ml 2 bottles of whiskey liqueur and maple cream (similar to baileys...

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Brand: Maison Nokomis

Origins liqueur with maple syrup - Nokomis

Origine maple liqueur, a European exclusivityAn extraordinary liqueur aged in Calvados barrels for several months. A unique product with a woody taste with a hint of maple and vanilla. A high-end Quebec liqueur.Nokomis Origine liqueur is made from maple syrup from Canada and prepared using a unique manufacturing process. It is then transferred to Calvados...

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Brand: Distillerie Mariana

Coffret trilogie du rhum Morbleu

Explore Unique Flavors with the Mariana Rum Trilogy BoxEmbark on an exceptional taste journey with our Mariana Rum Trilogy Box. 3 bottles of 200 ml.Our Trilogy Box is made up of three exceptional rums:Chocolate Rum: A true pleasure for the senses, this rum infused with artisanal chocolate seduces with its enveloping sweetness and its deep notes of...

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Canadian appetizers

In the Quebec tradition, you can eat several types of appetizers during cocktails to satisfy everyone's taste. Here is a list of ranges of Canadian appetizers that you can put on your table to surprise your guests.

caribou wine

In Canada, drinking caribou wine has become a classic on the tables at cocktail parties of all kinds. Ancient recipes have been adapted with this type of drink, and this has given it the place of aperitif wine.

Caribou is like punch thanks to its recipe. Its main components are red wine and strong alcohol. The percentage of wine must be greater than or equal to 75 % and the 25 % remainder revert to alcohol.

Chic choc rum

Chic choc rum is a range of delicately crafted spirits. The chic choc is a reference to the Gaspésie peninsula. This is an infusion of Nordic spice bouquet combined with a 3-5 year old rum. The spices used are quite rare too, such as boreal spices, dune peppers, etc.

Its amber color close to that of copper with a smell of cinnamon mixed with honey makes this rum a unique spirit.

Blackcurrant cream

Crème de cassis is a liqueur made from the blackcurrant berry. With its blood red color, it is a very popular aperitif in Canada.

The Canadian vodka "the boiler room"

Boiler room is a typical Canadian vodka made from rye. It is distilled three times in a row in order to have a powerful taste, ideal for an aperitif.

Ice cider

Quebec ice cider is a real treat and has a special taste. It is the mixture of an apple fermented under the action of cold. The apples are picked after the first frosts. The taste is similar to a stewed apple, with a perfect balance between sweetness and unequaled acidity, hence its undeniable place during aperitifs.


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