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Mistelle maple liqueur

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Brand: Distillerie Mariana

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Mariana Distillery Discovery Pack

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Brand: Distillerie Mariana

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Amaretto with maple syrup April

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Brand: Distillerie Mariana

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Cream liqueur Saint Crème with sugar cream

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Brand: Caribou

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Caribou wine - Quebec folklore

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Brand: Maison Nokomis

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Fortified maple wine Legend - Nokomis

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Blackcurrant cream - 200 ml

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A selection of the best aperitifs in Quebec

We have selected for you a range of aperitifs most appreciated by Canadians. Among the most prestigious you will find the famous caribou which can be enjoyed cold or hot, Canadian mulled wine, maple whiskeys from Sortilège and the essential Coureur des bois maple cream for unique and successful aperitifs. You will also find the chic-choc rum...

Appetizers from Canada

In the Quebec tradition, you can eat several types of aperitifs during cocktails in order to satisfy everyone's taste. Here is a list of Canadian appetizer ranges that you can put on your table to surprise your guests.

Caribou wine

In Canada, drinking caribou wine has become a great table classic at cocktails of all kinds. Ancient recipes were adapted with this type of drink, and this gave it the place of aperitif wine.

Caribou is like punch thanks to its recipe. Its main components are red wine and strong alcohol. The percentage of wine must be greater than or equal to 75 % and the 25 % remaining goes back to alcohol.

Chic shock rum

Chic choc rum is a range of delicately crafted spirits. Shock chic is a reference to the Gaspé Peninsula. It is an infusion of a bouquet of Nordic spices combined with a rum aged 3 to 5 years. The spices used are also quite rare, such as boreal spices, dune peppers, etc.

Its amber color similar to that of copper with a smell of cinnamon mixed with honey makes this rum a unique spirit.

Blackcurrant cream

Crème de cassis is a liqueur made from the blackcurrant berry. With its blood red color, it is a very popular aperitif in Canada.

Canadian vodka “the boiler room”

Boiler Room is a typical Canadian vodka made from rye. It is distilled three times in a row in order to have a powerful taste, ideal for an aperitif.

Ice cider

Quebec ice cider is a real treat and has a special taste. It is the mixture of an apple fermented under the action of cold. The apples are picked after the first frosts. The taste is similar to a stewed apple, with a perfect balance between unparalleled sweetness and acidity, hence its undeniable place during aperitifs.


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