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  • Cipaille recipe (layered pie)
    Cipaille recipe (layered pie)

    Cipaille is a special Quebec dish that was invented several hundred years ago, but is enjoyed by many Canadian families. Make no mistake, because this Canadian recipe doesn't really resemble meat pie or tourtière. Let's discover the characteristics of this preparation.

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  • Meat pie recipe
    Meat pie recipe

    It is sometimes confused with tourtière, because both are meat pies covered with pastry. Meat pie is most often cooked during the holiday seasons. This traditional Quebec dish is very popular and appreciated in the country. There are many variations depending on the region, with beef, veal or pork, depending on preference. If you're looking for a comforting dish that the whole family will enjoy, this Canadian recipe is a sure bet.

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  • Gaspésie tourtière recipe
    Gaspésie tourtière recipe

    Gaspésie tourtière is a traditional Quebec dish which is presented as a large meat pâté in a crust. Traditionally, it is made from 3 types of meat: beef, veal and pork. Discover this delicious and gourmet Canadian recipe that is sure to delight your guests. The secret is to start the preparation a day before, this is what will give all its flavor to the dish. Note, however, that this is a recipe that requires at least 6 hours of slow cooking…

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  • Succulent lobster sandwich recipe
    Succulent lobster sandwich recipe

    How can you not fall in love when seeing a succulent lobster sandwich straight from Quebec? This Canadian recipe is a festive meal that you eat at home or in a restaurant. To prepare it, opt for cooked Canadian lobster which is easy to cook and much less restrictive. We enjoy its soft and delicate flesh. Let's discover the basics of this culinary specialty.

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  • Delicious recipe for roast pork with cranberry syrup
    Delicious recipe for roast pork with cranberry syrup

    Many Canadian products pair well with meats, fish and seafood, and this is the case with cranberries. The Canadian recipe that we present to you in this article combines juicy pork and tangy cranberry syrup.

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  • Maple ham recipe
    Maple ham recipe

    Let yourself be seduced by this Canadian recipe and try a new way of cooking ham. Find just the right ingredients and prepare a different meal to serve to your guests. Let's discover the secrets of maple ham.

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  • Spinach and Goat Cheese Gratin Recipe
    Spinach and Goat Cheese Gratin Recipe

    Stay in shape and enjoy yourself, you can do it in Canada. To do this, there's nothing like a good portion of spinach and goat cheese gratin. If you like recipes that are low in sugar and yet rich in taste, you are in for a treat. Let's go together and see the specifics of this preparation.

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  • Recipe for Hamburgers with pastrami and blueberry onion relish
    Recipe for Hamburgers with pastrami and blueberry onion relish

    We love hamburgers, but we love them even more when they're topped with delicious ingredients that give them that balanced, subtle flavor that makes us quiver with happiness with every bite. Let's discover the specificities of this typical Quebec burger.

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  • Baked Beans Recipe
    Baked Beans Recipe

    In Canada, baked beans are often cooked. The dish consists of regional products. In Quebec, we let the navy beans or dried beans boil before adding the pork bacon. The maple syrup enhances the flavors. Let's discover the basics of this meal together.

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  • Bison steak recipe with trapper's mix
    Bison steak recipe with trapper's mix

    Are you looking for a good idea for a Quebecois dish to serve for dinner or lunch? Eat Canadian by preparing this delicious bison steak with trapper's mix. Everything is enhanced with a good maple syrup sauce, new potatoes and Romanesco cabbage. Let's find out everything about this particular Canadian recipe.

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  • Atlantic salmon burger recipe
    Atlantic salmon burger recipe

    Atlantic salmon is a food that is very easily found in Canada and is particularly appreciated there. Wild salmon are caught in several rivers, particularly in Newfoundland and Labrador. We make a multitude of recipes with this salmon burger that appeals to young and old alike! Zoom on this delicious and easy to make recipe. Note that you will need a food processor to chop the fish flesh.

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  • Boiled

    Quebec inherited a lot from France. Boiled meat is thus a cousin of stew, and both are comforting winter dishes. There are, however, some notable differences between the two. In the French pot-au-feu, leek, beef and marrow bone are used. In comparison, boiled meat also contains onions, white or yellow beans, as well as salted bacon or salted pork belly. To change the recipe for your winter dinners, discover the recipe for this traditional Acadian dish through our article.

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  • Duck confit sagamité
    Duck confit sagamité

    Have you ever tasted delicious duck meat, such as duck breast or BBQ duck? Each country has its own culinary habits. With Canadian cuisine, savor the unmissable Duck Confit Sagamité. Discover the ultimate flavor of this recipe, as well as the health benefits of this meat.

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  • Squash Tagliatelle
    Squash Tagliatelle

    How about a recipe for Italian cuisine with a Canadian twist? With these squash tagliatelle, you will be happy. For the Amerindians of Ontario and Quebec, squash turns out to be an essential food. Usually mixed with corn, it is used as a main ingredient in Canada. Prepared with tagliatelle, it promises one of the most unusual recipes. Discover the ultimate flavor of this Canadian-style dish.

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  • Huron sagamity
    Huron sagamity

    Are you passionate about cooking or do you have any particular preferences in this area? Each country has its culinary specificity. The traditional Sagamité dish is a true delicacy in North America. Revised in a modern way, the Huron sagamité will certainly please your little family as well as your guests. Find out how to prepare this tasty dish and what its secret is.

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  • Canadian dinner of Gaspésie quiche with northern shrimp
    Canadian dinner of Gaspésie quiche with northern shrimp

    As part of a Canadian lunch or dinner, serve yourself a good portion of Gaspésie quiche with Nordic shrimp. And why waste time buying a ready-made quiche at the supermarket when you can prepare it at home by buying fresh ingredients? What are the particularities of this typically Quebec quiche? We will find out in these few lines.

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  • Canadian culinary specialty of venison medallions in a pecan crust
    Canadian culinary specialty of venison medallions in a pecan crust

    -You will be captivated by the tastes of this dish made from deer meat. This Canadian culinary specialty combines nuts with venison. You can prepare it for all occasions to please your guests. Let's take a quick look at this typical delicacy from the far north.

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  • Easy Canadian Porridge Recipe
    Easy Canadian Porridge Recipe

    Bouilli is a typically Canadian dish that is prepared with vegetables and two types of meat. Don't hesitate to serve this delicious preparation to your guests to impress them. This traditional Canadian dish warms the body and hearts during snowy periods in winter. First, let’s go over the basics of the recipe.

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  • Grilled Canadian Lobster Recipe
    Grilled Canadian Lobster Recipe

    Who doesn't dream of a nice candlelit dinner with a platter of grilled Canadian lobster? This crustacean with its tasty flesh has always seduced gourmets. Let's find out now how to prepare this Canadian recipe that puts it in the spotlight.

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  • Recipe for fricassee of sweetbreads with fire cider cream
    Recipe for fricassee of sweetbreads with fire cider cream

    Meat lover? Would you like to taste veal? Have you ever tasted the delight of veal? Preparing sweetbread fricassee with fire cider cream is an excellent idea to treat the family. In addition to its ultimate taste, its ingredients also have health benefits.

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