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Ice wine

A selection of Canada's best icewines

Icewine is made by freezing grapes before pressing them. The freezing process increases the grapes' natural sugars and allows them to produce their own yeast. This further increases the sweetness of the final product. It contains about 30 % of sugar and is sweet enough to be considered a liqueur. In short, Icewine can be stored at room temperature and is considered a wine for special occasions.

Although the process of making Icewine can be difficult, Canada has successfully produced many Icewines that are considered one-of-a-kind wines around the world.

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Reference: LTE1101

Brand: Domaine Reif Estate Winery

Icewine from Canada - Vidal Grand Réserve

Its amber color which evokes caramel suggests rich and deep aromas. On the palate, this wine releases a series of delicious tastes: notes of honey and fruit - in particular apricot and peach - follow one another to the delight of the palate. Rich, fine, and silky are adjectives that best describe its mouthfeel.

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Reference: LTE1102

Brand: Domaine Reif Estate Winery

Icewine from Canada - Vidal Icewine

Vidal Icewine from Reif Estate Winery is a sweet wine. However, there are some hints of lively acidity that will pleasantly surprise your taste buds. This little acid taste harmoniously balances its sweet sweetness. This mixture of flavors gives rise to a surprising drink, but which remains very pleasant in the mouth. On tasting, it reveals deep and...

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Reference: LTE1007

Brand: Domaine Labranche

Maple syrup - maple syrup and water - Domaine Labranche

A skillfully studied blend of maple syrup and sapTo obtain this drink originating from Canada, a maple syrup vinification process is carried out. It is then blended with maple sap before being aged for 9 to 12 months in oak barrels. This drink has an alcohol content of 12.5% and it is packaged in a 375 ml bottle.Its dress is dark yellow with golden...

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Reference: LTE1205

Brand: Maison Nokomis

Fortified maple wine Legend - Nokomis

Legend fortified maple wine from the Nokomis brand is similar to port wine. It is produced from maple wine, according to a recipe closely guarded by its manufacturer. Quebec restaurateurs particularly appreciate this alcoholic beverage. Delicate and complex at the same time, it leaves a good smell of maple and spices on the nose and on the palate. You...

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Canadian Icewine

Canada is one of the biggest producers of Icewine in the world, but it wasn't very popular originally because it didn't have much of a following with the locals. So Canadian producers looked beyond their borders and started exporting icewine to overseas markets.

Canada Icewine was first produced in 1972 in Quebec, Canada by a Canadian producer. He used maple syrup as a sweetener and introduced a method that allowed more sugar to come out during the process.

Quality Icewine

Icewine is a dessert wine and as such is consumed after main courses or with desserts. Icewines have a high acid content and therefore have a lower pH than other wines. They benefit from the VQA appellation of "vin de pays", which is similar to the PDO of the European Union.

This characteristic gives them a greater potential for acid taste and they also develop more fruity aromas. Due to its low alcohol content (7-10% ABV), ice wine contains less residual sugar than most table wines. Now, discover our selection and enjoy these best Canadian Icewines!


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