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A land of great wines to discover: Canada

Canada is a country where wine is booming. Just like in France, there are several regulations specific to each grand cru in order to produce only the best for Canadians. Each wine therefore follows a well-specified process to be categorized. For Quebecers, wine production is not a simple job, but it is a passion and a real pride.

Different types of wine are produced in Canada. Each wine has its own authenticity and characteristic taste.

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Reference: LTE1205

Brand: Maison Nokomis

Fortified maple wine Legend - Nokomis

An exceptional fortified wine to discover The Legend wine from Nokomis is delicate and complex at the same time. It has a maple flavor and a touch of spice. It is made with pure maple syrup from Quebec using a unique manufacturing process. A long process that lasts several months. This makes it possible to obtain a unique texture, color and finesse. On...

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Reference: LTE1201

Brand: Pelee Island

White wine from Canada - Chardonnay 2017

Pellee Island Winery's Chardonnay white wine with aromas of melon and honey.2017 vintage

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Reference: LTE1202

Brand: Pelee Island

Canadian red wine - Cabernet Franc 2017

Pelle Island Cabernet Franc red wine. 750 ml bottle. 12.5 % Flight 2017 vintage

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Reference: LTE1203

Brand: Pelee Island

Red wine from Canada - Pinot Noir Pelle Island 2017

Pelle Island Pinot Noir red wine. 750 ml bottle. 13 % Flight2017 vintage

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Reference: LTE1204

Brand: Domaine Labranche

Maple & Raspberry Rosé from Domaine Labranche

A remarkably charming and festive product whose aromas of caramelized red fruits plunge us into midsummer. The Maple & Raspberry Classic Rosé from Domaine Labranche is the perfect companion for your picnics with friends. In your basket, you will bring homemade sandwiches with turkey, arugula, goat cheese and dried cranberries. For dessert, share a...

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Reference: LTE1305

Brand: Caribou

Caribou wine - Quebec folklore

Caribou - Product of Quebec Folklore Of Native American origin, Caribou is an authentic fortified wine from Quebec. A mixture of red wine, alcohols and natural flavors gives an excellent aperitif wine. You can also make hot Caribou, which is very popular in Quebec.

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Canadian red wine

With a red color similar to the ground, red wine from Canada is sought after for its spicy taste. You will quickly feel the flavor of cinnamon or that of cloves.

Its particularity lies in its well-pronounced acidity thanks to a unique fermentation method from the Canadian tradition.

Among the Canadian red wines that are well known internationally, you have:

  • Cabernet Franc red wine from the famous Pelee Island brand,
  • and Pinot Noir red wine from Pelee Island as well.

Canadian white wine

With a tender taste, the white wine of Canada is unique thanks to its Chardonnay grape variety. It gives off a taste similar to honey and melon. Canadian white wine is famous thanks to Chardonnay white wine from Ontario's Pelee Island brand as well.

Canada's Icewine

Icewine is a typical Canadian wine, highly appreciated around the world. It is made from a fermentation of frozen grape juice. Therefore, the taste will be sweet with a slight note of acidity.

In this category you have:

  • Vidal grand reserve ice wine,
  • and Vidal Icewin Icewine.

Fortified maple wine

Fortified maple wine is a wine that is only produced in Canada. Made from maple syrup fermented for several months, its taste is spicy with a note of black licorice and a scent of tobacco.


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