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Cocktails from Canada

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  • Bloody Caesar Recipe
    Bloody Caesar Recipe

    Did you know that Canada also has iconic cocktails that make it famous? The Bloody Caesar is one of them. This drink composed of tomato juice with clams and vodka is typical of North America. That's not all, because this mix also contains hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce. Let's find out everything about it in this section.

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  • Is Cranberry Juice Effective For High Blood Pressure
    Is Cranberry Juice Effective For High Blood Pressure

    According to statistics published in 2006 and 2007, one in five Canadians suffers from hypertension and 22.7 % of Canadian adults over the age of 20 have diagnosed hypertension (either or both of these numbers are high). 17 % of hypertensive patients remain unaware of their state of health. Often, it is possible to keep blood pressure under control through a lifestyle based on a balanced diet. According to a recent study, regularly consuming cranberry or cranberry juice reduces high blood...

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  • Quebec milkshake
    Quebec milkshake

    Enjoy the original tastes of Quebec products in a delicious milk-based drink. Discover the distinctive flavors of the Canadian milkshake. This tasty refreshment is made with different ingredients from Quebec. Let's take a look at its specificities.

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  • The Québécois café at Coureur des Bois
    The Québécois café at Coureur des Bois

    A coffee made with a canadian treasure: the Maple syrup. Quebec coffee is made with a mixture of cream and maple whiskey Coureur des Bois.

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