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Juice and syrup 100% natural, with unique flavors

Canada produces juices and syrups that are produced locally and 100 % biological. It has several types of juices and syrups that have a so special taste. The elaboration of these drinks is not limited only to taste or aroma. Indeed, these drinks are also very beneficial for health in general. Here is a list of Canadian juices and syrups, along with their characteristics.

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Reference: LTE1701

Brand: Délices du Lac-Saint-Jean

Organic wild blueberry syrup - 100 ml

Want a good ice cream wonderfully flavored with blueberries? Let yourself be tempted by the irresistible Organic Wild Blueberry Syrup. Available on https://lestresorsderable.com/fr, this one-of-a-kind product is perfect as an accompaniment and topping for a wide variety of sweet preparations: cakes, pancakes, sorbets and many other culinary recipes. You...

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Price €6.99
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Reference: LTE1707

Brand: Clamato Mott's

Cocktail tomato juice - Clamato - 1.89 l

The One and Only - The OriginalThe Clamato Mott's brand was made famous with its cocktail tomato juice. In its name, there is clam for clams (clam in English) and tomato for tomato. These are the 2 essential ingredients of this drink. In reality, the recipe is prepared with clam broth, a mixture of spices and tomato juice. The Original Cocktail Tomato...

(7 reviews)
Price €14.00
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Reference: LTE1304

Blackcurrant cream - 200 ml

Multi-award-winning Crème de cassisLes Trésors d'Érable invite you to savor the crème de cassis. This product has been rewarded many times for its many virtues. How to consume this cream and what are its virtues? The benefits of crème de cassisThis cream has a beautiful radiant color with its magnificent purple and purplish reflections. You will also like...

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Reference: LTE1708

Brand: Délices du Lac-Saint-Jean

Lac Saint Jean wild blueberry juice - 375 ml

Real wild blueberry juice Harvested in the Lac-Saint-Jean forest, the wild blueberry is closely linked to the local history and economy. No preservatives and no artificial colors.

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Price €11.92
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The typical juices of Canada

Canada has different types of juices that are unique in their taste and virtues.

Cranberry juice concentrate

The cranberry, or "cranberry" in English, is a berry from North America. It is exploited for its various health benefits. Indeed, it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants thanks to the presence of polyphenols in its skin and flesh.

Canadian cranberry juice comes from a holding 100 % canadian with a recipe 100 % biological.

blueberry juice

The blueberry is a fruit that comes from the wild blueberry. It is produced with a 100 operating % biological. This type of juice is highly recommended for its antioxidant benefits.

It is recommended to take it for breakfast or just to relax.appease. The absence of sugar and artificial flavoring makes it even more interesting for health.

Typical Canadian syrups

Canada is known around the world for two very distinct syrups.

The famous maple syrup

Apart from its very affordable price, the taste is also there with maple syrup. Canadians love it for its unequaled virtues. In addition, it has a pleasant flavor and its color is comparable to that of honey. It is readily eaten for breakfast or dessert, with yogurt or ice cream.

blueberry syrup

Made from Canadian berry and blueberry, blueberry syrup is blended with maple syrup for maximum flavor.

It's a recipe 100 % Canadian with a unique flavor in the world. It is recommended for breakfast or as an accompaniment to desserts.


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