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The Coureur des Bois brand - Ungava

Coureur des Bois - Ungava is an artisanal spirits maker that has all the ingredients to succeed. It offers quality spirits with a refreshing side. With its Quebec roots and emphasis on Canadian identity, the Coureur des Bois Maple Liqueurs brand is the perfect way to please your palate.

Coureur des Bois - Ungava liqueurs are perfect for sharing as they are not strong and have no harsh aftertaste. When you feel like relaxing or relaxing someone else, we suggest you try it and bring smiles to their faces.

History of the Coureur des Bois brand - Ungava

The drinking culture in Canada is a little different from that of the French-speaking part of the country, as hard liquor is consumed much less often and in smaller quantities. However, Ungava Spirits decided to change this by introducing a new brand: Coureur des Bois .

Coming mainly from the Quebec maple syrup industry, Coureur des Bois offers two flavors, one based on rye and the other based on corn. The use of natural ingredients and minimal processing give these liqueurs a light yet rich taste. Coureur des Bois , Ungava spirits rely on small family farms to source the raw materials for their products. This guarantees both quality and durability.

Products from the Coureur des Bois - Ungava brand

Ready to explore the wilds of Canada? Whether by sea, air or land, you can achieve an extraordinary journey. But if that's not your thing, how about tasting a fantastic Coureur des Bois liqueur? It is inspired by the arctic regions of northern Quebec and Labrador.

Liqueurs are made in small batches to ensure freshness. They are made from 100% pure ingredients. % which are uniquely Canadian and known for their savory notes of cedarwood and vanilla. Imagine your favorite Canadian snack in liquor form. The brand offers a wide assortment of products ready to be enjoyed neat, on ice or in cocktails.

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Brand: Coureur des Bois

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