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  • What are the must-see national parks in Canada?
    What are the must-see national parks in Canada?

    Canada is home to a spectacular natural wealth and its national parks are truly gems waiting to be discovered. From vast wilderness to breathtaking landscapes, these parks offer an immersive experience in nature at its purest. Whether you are a wildlife lover, an avid hiker, or simply seeking tranquility, Canada's nature reserves offer an incredible diversity of preserved ecosystems. Discover in this article the must-see national parks of Canada and let yourself be enchanted by their timeless...

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  • What are the means of transportation in Canada?
    What are the means of transportation in Canada?

    Canada is a vast and diverse country with varied and well-developed means of transportation. The transportation options available vary widely. They can range from traditional modes of transportation such as trains, buses, and taxis, to modern options like electric cars, bike-sharing, and ride-sharing services. Discover in this article the different means of transportation available in Canada, and how they meet the travel needs of Canadians and visitors to the country.

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  • Canada's favorite drinks
    Canada's favorite drinks

    Each country has its own consumer habits and preferences. In Canada, it is safe to say that the drink of choice of the population is coffee. Canadians have a truly special relationship with coffee, which they love in all its forms. Next come non-alcoholic beverages of all kinds. They also like certain spirits and alcohols. We tell you more through this article.

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  • Timbits
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    Taste Canadian timbits for have a maid amount of sugar. A bite of this sweetness will make you melt thanks to its jam or cream filling. Easy to prepare, these little balls appeal to young and old alike. Let's read the recipe in the following lines.

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  • Canadian dinner of Gaspésie quiche with northern shrimp
    Canadian dinner of Gaspésie quiche with northern shrimp

    As part of a Canadian lunch or dinner, serve yourself a good portion of Gaspésie quiche with Nordic shrimp. And why waste time buying a ready-made quiche at the supermarket when you can prepare it at home by buying fresh ingredients? What are the particularities of this typically Quebec quiche? We will find out in these few lines.

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  • Quebec recipe for blueberry bread pudding
    Quebec recipe for blueberry bread pudding

    Do you have leftover dry bread lying around the kitchen? Why throw away when you can still recycle? What if you made a delicious blueberry bread pudding? How to prepare it? Let's find out in this article.

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  • Canadian Inuit raw fish recipe
    Canadian Inuit raw fish recipe

    Are you a fan of raw fish recipes? Once at a restaurant, do you like to order a portion of sushi or sashimi? You will also be served in Canada, because there is no shortage of preparations based on raw Inuit fish in Quebec cookbooks. Let's discover the different characteristics of raw Inuit fish.

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  • Delicious Canadian recipe for sisters farts
    Delicious Canadian recipe for sisters farts

    Are you looking for an original recipe idea to serve for dessert? What if this time, you offered the sister's fart to your guests to end the meal on a nice note of maple syrup? The name leaves you perplexed, but it's a sublime Canadian dish that doesn't lack flavor. Let's discover the different ingredients and the preparation of this gastronomic specialty of Canada.

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  • Canadian culinary specialty of venison medallions in a pecan crust
    Canadian culinary specialty of venison medallions in a pecan crust

    -You will be captivated by the tastes of this dish made from deer meat. This Canadian culinary specialty combines nuts with venison. You can prepare it for all occasions to please your guests. Let's take a quick look at this typical delicacy from the far north.

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  • Easy Canadian Porridge Recipe
    Easy Canadian Porridge Recipe

    Bouilli is a typically Canadian dish that is prepared with vegetables and two types of meat. Don't hesitate to serve this delicious preparation to your guests to impress them. This traditional Canadian dish warms the body and hearts during snowy periods in winter. First, let’s go over the basics of the recipe.

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  • Grilled Canadian Lobster Recipe
    Grilled Canadian Lobster Recipe

    Who doesn't dream of a nice candlelit dinner with a platter of grilled Canadian lobster? This crustacean with its tasty flesh has always seduced gourmets. Let's find out now how to prepare this Canadian recipe that puts it in the spotlight.

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  • Chocolate and potato cake recipe
    Chocolate and potato cake recipe

    Cake is usually eaten with dessert, but many prefer to shake up traditions and eat it for breakfast or even as a snack. In Canada, you can taste different kinds of cake, but this time, we invite you to discover the chocolate and potato version.

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  • Canadian recipe for dried cod pancake
    Canadian recipe for dried cod pancake

    Is preparing fish no longer a secret for you? So what would you say about our Canadian recipe: the Dried Cod Galette? Find out how to prepare it and what the main ingredients are

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  • Recipe for fricassee of sweetbreads with fire cider cream
    Recipe for fricassee of sweetbreads with fire cider cream

    Meat lover? Would you like to taste veal? Have you ever tasted the delight of veal? Preparing sweetbread fricassee with fire cider cream is an excellent idea to treat the family. In addition to its ultimate taste, its ingredients also have health benefits.

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  • Quebec-style vegetable enchilade recipe
    Quebec-style vegetable enchilade recipe

    Do you like Mexican dishes, especially enchiladas? Have you ever tasted the creaminess of Quebec vegetable enchilade? We reveal the secrets of this delight to delight your taste buds.

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  • Canadian specialty Donair recipe
    Canadian specialty Donair recipe

    Are you on the sandwich, taco, kebab team? Have you ever had the Canadian specialty? If the answer is no, find out how to prepare a delicious Donair, with all the sauces and ingredients.

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  • Rebel Ribs
    Rebel Ribs

    How about tasting rebel ribs, a dish that comes directly from Canada? Love good meat? You will therefore not fail to appreciate the good flavors of this rib dish. Let's discover its particularities by reading these few lines.

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  • Canadian Candy Potato Recipe
    Canadian Candy Potato Recipe

    Have you ever heard of Canadian candy coated in potato ? Exotic and rich in flavors, Quebec gastronomy invites you to savor sweets with potatoes? Canada stands out for its unique recipes made with rare ingredients. Let's discover the specificities of this iconic candy of the country.

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  • Canadian-style Beef Wellington Recipe
    Canadian-style Beef Wellington Recipe

    Impress your guests with this fabulous beef Wellington recipe, straight from Canada. Rich in protein, this dish stands out for its tender and tasty meat. Let's take a quick look at this typical preparation from the far North.

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  • Bloody Caesar Recipe
    Bloody Caesar Recipe

    Did you know that Canada also has iconic cocktails that make it famous? The Bloody Caesar is one of them. This drink composed of tomato juice with clams and vodka is typical of North America. That's not all, because this mix also contains hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce. Let's find out everything about it in this section.

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