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You want to explore Canada: The Indian summer, the flora and fauna of Canada, the forests and the great outdoors, the mythical places to discover.

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  • Native American art in Canada
    Native American art in Canada
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    First peoples of North America, the Amerindians have a culture of their own. This term is used by anthropologists to refer to Indians who once lived in America and are considered Aboriginal. For those who are from Canada, the designation of First Nations people is much more appreciated. What can we say about these people? Origin, history and art? Focus on the subject.

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  • Zoom on the monarch butterfly in Canada
    Zoom on the monarch butterfly in Canada

    The monarch butterfly is one of the most recognized butterfly species in the world. In Canada, this animal species is found from Alberta to Newfoundland. Its most important breeding grounds are in the southern regions of Ontario and Quebec. A small portion of the monarch butterfly population also lives in the southern part of British Columbia. Zoom on the monarch butterfly in Canada!

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  • Focus on the caribou, an emblematic Canadian animal
    Focus on the caribou, an emblematic Canadian animal
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    The caribou is a mammal belonging to the Cervidae family. Its dark brown color makes it easy to identify. Its belly, mane and neck are creamy white in color. In this article, you will learn about the three species of caribou in Canada. Zoom in on this emblematic Canadian animal!

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  • Snowmobile tours in Canada
    Snowmobile tours in Canada

    One way to see the wonders of the Canadian winter is to take a snowmobile ride! A snowmobile excursion will take you on a 105 km route through the forest and over small hills. You'll see spectacular vistas, be surrounded by curious woodland creatures, and explore some of the region's most scenic areas.

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  • Visit Banff National Park in Canada
    Visit Banff National Park in Canada

    Banff National Park is located in the Rocky Mountains and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This national park has many natural wonders that visitors can explore, including alpine forests, granite peaks, a lake stream, and ice caves. With everything from lakeside campsites to beginner trails, the park is absolutely stunning no matter what you decide to do. Banff's 300 kilometers of trails take hikers on scenic excursions through different areas of the mountain or let them choose...

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  • The Thousand Islands Archipelago in Canada
    The Thousand Islands Archipelago in Canada

    Canada is a country of diverse landscapes, which means there are many places to visit… One of the most historically significant parts of Canada is near the border between the United States and Quebec, in a spur called the Thousand Islands Archipelago.

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  • Anticosti Island in Canada
    Anticosti Island in Canada
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    Anticosti Island, located at the eastern end of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, is the largest uninhabited island in Canada. It is one of the last great wilderness areas in eastern North America. It represents more than 12 % (i.e. 300,000 km2) of the total area of Quebec. The island has made headlines in recent years due to its oil production potential and plans by the Quebec provincial government to develop a liquefied natural gas industry on Anticosti Island.

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  • Mont Tremblant in Canada
    Mont Tremblant in Canada

    To get out of the city on foot, you will find miles of trails, lasting from a few minutes to a few hours. These trails are numerous and well marked, so it is easy to find the one that meets your needs. The more difficult trails have more elevation and may require scrambling over rocks or walking along steep cliffs, but are well worth discovering.

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  • Niagara Falls in Canada
    Niagara Falls in Canada

    Niagara Falls is a waterfall located on the Niagara River in the Township of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. It is one of the three great waterfalls and is one of the 7 wonders of nature in North America. Niagara Falls has not always been part of Canada. They were originally part of the territory of the United States which would later become the State of New York. Canada's control of this territory lasted only between 1841 and 1843, as it only relinquished its claims when Britain threatened to...

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  • Canadian Icefields Parkway: Icefield Parkways
    Canadian Icefields Parkway: Icefield Parkways

    What's better than a snowy winter? An ice highway, of course! The Canadian Icefield Parkways (CIP) is a self-guided tour that lets you explore the Canadian Rockies. This virtual route includes over 70 points of interest and takes approximately four hours to complete. During your trip, you can admire several breathtaking sites and learn about the natural history of the region.

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  • Jasper National Park in Canada
    Jasper National Park in Canada

    With over 740,000 acres of rugged beauty, Jasper National Park of Canada is the largest among the national parks in the Canadian Rockies. Here you'll find some of the most spectacular views on the planet and a plethora of wildlife, including grizzly bears, wolves and elk. The best part is that you can explore this beautiful landscape without crowds!

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  • Practice ice fishing in Canada
    Practice ice fishing in Canada

    The ice fishing season in Canada is an annual event that takes place from the time the lakes freeze over. Most people only fish during the warmer months, but winter in Canada can be a whole other world of fun.

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  • The Northern Lights in Canada: when can we see them?
    The Northern Lights in Canada: when can we see them?

    Do you dream of seeing the Aurora Borealis? You will be able to contemplate them during your stay in Canada. This phenomenon results from the meeting of gases, the solar wind and the upper atmosphere. It is often observed between the 65th and the 75th parallel. Let's see more about this.

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  • Percé Rock in Quebec
    Percé Rock in Quebec

    Percé Rock is located near the town of Percé, which gives it its name. This large monolith is located 750 km from Quebec and more precisely, in the Gaspé Peninsula. Why does this monument attract so many tourists? Let's find out in this section.

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  • The Canadian-American Great Lakes region
    The Canadian-American Great Lakes region

    This region is made up of 5 lakes which cover a total area of 244,100 square kilometres. The latter are known as the largest group of lakes in the world after Lake Baikal which is located in Russia. The surroundings of the Canadian-American Great Lakes attract many hikers and tourists because of the beautiful landscapes they offer. Discover some necessary information to know in this article if you want to visit the places.

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  • The Indian Barometer of Canada
    The Indian Barometer of Canada
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    Barometers are devices used to measure air pressure and thus predict temperature changes. They have been used in meteorology and physics for years. Barometers come in different types including mercury, aneroid, gas, electronic and water barometers. These devices are also available in miniature versions to allow farmers to predict dramatic climate changes. On the other hand, there is an instrument with the same concept, but in a more traditional aspect. You will find out in this article!

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  • The History of the North American Bison
    The History of the North American Bison

    The bison, also known as the American buffalo, is a large mammal that has roamed the North American continent for centuries. Native to the United States and southern Canada, this animal was vital to Native Americans before the European colonization of North America. The bison were central to the lives of early settlers who traveled west across the prairies and plains in covered wagons. Buffalo hide harvests were a valuable source of income for eastern suppliers. The large herds were soon to...

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  • Legend of the dream catcher (dream catcher)
    Legend of the dream catcher (dream catcher)

    A dreamcatcher or dreamcatcher is a handcrafted object modeled on the spider's web, some threads of which were originally created for use in textiles. It is a magical amulet that traps bad dreams and lets good ones pass.

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  • The Canadian boreal forest
    The Canadian boreal forest

    The Canadian boreal forest has one of the best preserved ecosystems in the world. Endowed with a rich and unequaled biodiversity, it currently constitutes 28 % of the world's intact forests. The boreal zone also plays an essential role in Canada's economy, since it contains abundant natural resources, thus creating thousands of jobs. Between conservation, tourism and economy, here is what you need to know about the Canadian boreal forest.

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  • The 10 best restaurants in Canada
    The 10 best restaurants in Canada

    Do you intend to visit Canada and discover its culinary specialties? To help you on your trip, here is a list of the 10 best gastronomic addresses in Canada.

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