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  • How is maple sugar made?
    How is maple sugar made?

    The Anishinaabeg and the nishnaabeg, indigenous peoples, often divided the year into six and not into four. They choose pre-spring to collect maple sap. This period is also called “the sugar season” or the “maple moon”. The full sugar moon appears to signify the start of the maple sap harvest. The sugaring off season is one of the traditions rooted in the customs of the First Nations. It persists to this day. Maple sugar arrives on our tables to bring flavor to our dishes. How do you get...

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  • Amaretto typical italian liqueur
    Amaretto typical italian liqueur

    Amaretto is one of the Italian liqueurs that stands out for its delicious amber flavors and its beautiful amber color. This liqueur is the pride of Italy. It is taken as an aperitif or digestive. It is used as a base for many cocktails and is used in various pastry recipes. Amaretto has its own history. Let's find out all about this liquor.

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  • Typical Canadian jams
    Typical Canadian jams

    What would a breakfast be without a good jar of jam? And why not let yourself be tempted by the delicious Canadian jams? They stand out for their delicate flavors and their aromas reminiscent of the Far North. Let's discover them together.

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  • Roasted Maple Sweet Potatoes
    Roasted Maple Sweet Potatoes

    Sweet potatoes, you may already eat mashed potatoes or fries. In this article, we share a recipe with maple and roasted in the oven. Add maple syrup, lemon juice and butter before letting them grill quietly. They can be served as an original accompaniment, but also as an aperitif. We share this original recipe full of sweetness.

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  • Canadian pancakes
    Canadian pancakes

    Plain, stuffed with chocolate, maple syrup or fruit, the crepe goes well with all flavors. Speaking of which, have you ever tasted the Canadian pancake? To begin, let's find out what it is in the following lines.

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  • Canadian Breakfast
    Canadian Breakfast

    Breakfast is the first meal of the day and certainly the most important. In Canada, as everywhere else, it provides all the energy the body needs. Nevertheless, it remains more consistent in the countries of the far north. Let's discover together the ingredients that make up a good Canadian breakfast.

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  • The different containers for storing maple syrup (cans, glass bottle, jug, plastic pouch, etc.)
    The different containers for storing maple syrup (cans, glass bottle, jug, plastic pouch, etc.)

    Maple syrup is one of the products that symbolize Canada. It stands out for its completely natural composition and its freshness. It can be incorporated into sweet desserts and even savory recipes. However, to preserve its flavours, it must be stored properly. What type of container should I choose? And above all, what are the most appropriate storage conditions? Let's take a look at the subject.

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  • Canada: a huge mustard seed producer
    Canada: a huge mustard seed producer

    Mustard is one of the oldest condiments in the world. It gives taste and character to different recipes and preparations. It is an essential ingredient for successful mayonnaise, dressings and sauces. By crushing the seed, an oil is obtained which is used in the food industry. We know mustard well in France, but did you know that to date, the largest producer in the world remains Canada? We tell you more.

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  • The best ice ciders produced in Canada
    The best ice ciders produced in Canada

    Ice cider is obtained thanks to the intense cold of the country, just like ice wine. In Canada, it is mainly produced in Quebec. Good apples and harsh winters are needed to produce this complex drink. Rich in aromas, it is also syrupy, acidic and sweet in taste. We have prepared our selection of the best ice ciders for you. Some are available on our online store, do not hesitate to discover them.

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  • How to get quality maple syrup in France?
    How to get quality maple syrup in France?

    From now on, grocery stores, bakeries and pastries attach particular importance to the use of maple syrup. Although the United States is at the forefront of the consumer countries of Quebec maple syrup, this typically Canadian product is also widely marketed in France. Where to find quality maple syrups in France? Discover some interesting leads in this article.

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  • Chef Martin Picard launches an amazing range of grocery products
    Chef Martin Picard launches an amazing range of grocery products

    The Quebec chef who owns the famous restaurant "Au Pied de Cochon" has developed a range of grocery products. Mustard, sauces or condensed milk with maple: he put his culinary know-how and his love of local specialties into it. The result is products with original flavors reminiscent of Canada. We tell you more!

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  • The best Canadian restaurants in France
    The best Canadian restaurants in France

    Want to find a bit of Canada in France? Or simply to discover the cuisine of the country? We have prepared a list of the best Canadian restaurants in France, targeting as many cities as possible! Discover it below!

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  • Where to find a real restaurant offering poutine in France?
    Where to find a real restaurant offering poutine in France?

    Poutine is a typical Canadian dish made famous by its surprisingly textured cheese. Once you taste it, you often want to eat it. But where to find a good poutine in France? We give you our best addresses!

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  • Discover Canada in summer
    Discover Canada in summer

    Known for its attractions and winter sites, Canada is also a very popular country in the summer. There are many activities you can do at this time of year. Wild nature and wide open spaces await you to complete your stay. Besides, you will also be spoiled for choice with places and cities to visit. Discover Canada in summer through these few lines.

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