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  • Beaver tail recipe
    Beaver tail recipe

    Canada is a country rich in culinary specialties and beaver tail is one of the essential recipes. It is distinguished by its soft texture as well as its oval, elongated and flat shape. This Canadian donut has its own cooking method. In addition, the ingredients used during its preparation are well defined. But what can be said about the true story of the beaver tail and how is it concocted?

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  • Sea buckthorn: an unknown fruit
    Sea buckthorn: an unknown fruit

    Introduced to Canada in the 1930s, sea buckthorn is a fruit shrub belonging to the Eleagnacea family. Although it is often unknown to the general public, this shrub nevertheless contains significant energy and nutritional resources. Sea buckthorn indeed has many health benefits, due to its multiple bioactive components. What are the origins of this shrub and how is it exploited in Canada? Why should we consider the virtues of sea buckthorn more? Overview of the different characteristics of...

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  • Zoom on the monarch butterfly in Canada
    Zoom on the monarch butterfly in Canada

    The monarch butterfly is one of the most recognized butterfly species in the world. In Canada, this animal species is found from Alberta to Newfoundland. Its most important breeding grounds are in the southern regions of Ontario and Quebec. A small portion of the monarch butterfly population also lives in the southern part of British Columbia. Zoom on the monarch butterfly in Canada!

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  • Focus on the caribou, an emblematic Canadian animal
    Focus on the caribou, an emblematic Canadian animal
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    The caribou is a mammal belonging to the Cervidae family. Its dark brown color makes it easy to identify. Its belly, mane and neck are creamy white in color. In this article, you will learn about the three species of caribou in Canada. Zoom in on this emblematic Canadian animal!

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  • Recognize the different types of maple
    Recognize the different types of maple

    There are three categories of maples according to their origin: American maple (we are talking about Canadian maple in particular in this article), European maple, Eastern maple, the most famous of which is Japanese maple. You will learn about the different types of maple in each category after reading.

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  • Blueberry Pollination in Canada: The Magic of Bees
    Blueberry Pollination in Canada: The Magic of Bees

    Some bees are among the good pollinators, they greatly contribute to the transfer of pollen. As a result, they undoubtedly play a crucial role in the production of blueberries. What are these species? And what are their respective roles in blueberry pollination in Canada?

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  • How is poutine cheese made?
    How is poutine cheese made?

    It is a typical Canadian curd cheese. It is obtained by adding certain additives to milk to make it acidic and trigger its coagulation. The curd is then cut, heated and drained to separate the liquid from the solid. This last part is what will become the cheese. We give you more details on the process of making the so-called couic-couic cheese in this article.

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  • Canadian beers
    Canadian beers

    Canadians consume an average of 78 liters of beer per person per year and Canada ranks 25th among brewers in the world. Sleeman, Molson, Keith, Labatt and Oland have been popular names with heavy beer drinkers for generations. But, over the course of a few years, the sale of beer lost market share in Canada, unlike that in Quebec, which experienced a slight increase.

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  • Snowmobile tours in Canada
    Snowmobile tours in Canada

    One way to see the wonders of the Canadian winter is to take a snowmobile ride! A snowmobile excursion will take you on a 105 km route through the forest and over small hills. You'll see spectacular vistas, be surrounded by curious woodland creatures, and explore some of the region's most scenic areas.

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  • The components and nutritional values of maple syrup
    The components and nutritional values of maple syrup

    Maple syrup is a sweet product originating in Canada. If it is delicious on pancakes or crepes, what about its nutritional values and its components? It contains no fiber, protein or fat, but is high in carbohydrates and calories. We give you more information on the qualities of this Canadian product.

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  • Maple taffy, an authentic Canadian tradition
    Maple taffy, an authentic Canadian tradition

    Maple taffy is a Canadian tradition, and more specifically in Quebec. Maple syrup is heated and condensed, before being poured over snow. We thus obtain soft confectionery, which is eaten with a spoon or like a lollipop. Find out more about this Canadian candy below.

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