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  • Coureurs des bois in Canada
    Coureurs des bois in Canada

    Anchored in Canadian popular culture, the Coureurs des Bois are emblematic characters in the history of New France. Long considered vagabonds and illegal immigrants by the French colonial regime, these men upset the codes of the fur trade and greatly influenced the development of Canadian society. From the 17th century to the present day, a look back at the adventures of these pioneers of the fur trade.

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  • Bacon and maple syrup burger
    Bacon and maple syrup burger

    How about biting into a tasty Canadian burger? Discover the recipe which consists of bacon and maple syrup. It mixes the country's emblematic ingredients in a burger with a unique taste. Let's find out more about this way of cooking the hamburger.

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  • Sugar cream from Maison Sainte Julie
    Sugar cream from Maison Sainte Julie

    Sugar cream is a gourmet inseparable from the holiday seasons in Quebec. Each family has its own recipe and besides, it is not always easy to succeed in the preparations. Fortunately, there are ready-made products with all the flavors like the sugar cream from Sainte Julie.

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  • How to use maple sugar?
    How to use maple sugar?

    Maple syrup is a traditional and popular food in North America. We owe its origin to the Native Americans who already used it as a source of sugar, long before the arrival of the settlers. A legend attributes the discovery of the syrup to the dogs who would have licked a branch of maple, thus giving the idea to their master to taste it in turn. When the first settlers arrived in North America, the Amerindians taught them the art of pruning the trunks to collect the sap. The syrup is obtained...

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  • How to use cranberry juice?
    How to use cranberry juice?

    Cranberry is a small tart red berry the size of a cherry, native to North America. Today, very popular, this berry is consumed in many forms: raw, dried, in powder, in tea, in jam, in compote, in syrup, in vinaigrette, coated in chocolate and of course in juice! Like most fruits, consuming them whole provides better nutritional results. So here are the reasons and benefits why you won't want to part with your cranberry juice and especially the best ways to use it!

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  • Canada's Lobster Eldorado
    Canada's Lobster Eldorado

    The lobster is an animal that is mainly active at night. Generally, it takes shelter, in crevices or under rocks during the day and provides for its needs in depths of less than fifty meters. In Canada, the southern St. Lawrence and the waters of Nova Scotia are teeming with lobsters. Quebec and New Brunswick are also places rich in these crustaceans.

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  • The culinary specialties of the island of Orleans to taste
    The culinary specialties of the island of Orleans to taste

    Quebec is a bastion of the Francophonie in the northern part of America. Quebec City is recognized for its historical richness, its cultural value and for its Aboriginal, British and French influences. Île d'Orléans, affectionately nicknamed "The Garden of Quebec", is rich in gourmet products. It is a city where you always have something to do, to discover and in particular always some culinary specialties to eat. Certainly, the city of Quebec is full of many addresses for all budgets, where...

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  • Top 20 expressions from Quebec
    Top 20 expressions from Quebec
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    Quebecers use expressions that are both funny and colorful at the same time, which are often difficult to understand without a little explanation. That's what this article is for, to make sure you understand conversations the best you can.

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  • Focus on sugar cream, a typical Quebec delicacy
    Focus on sugar cream, a typical Quebec delicacy
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    Do you want to know the secrets to a successful sugar cream? Then read this article! It also contains useful information on its nutritional values and on the top 10 best fudges. Focus on this specifically Quebec treat!

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  • Main products grown in Canada
    Main products grown in Canada

    Whatever the country, agriculture is one of the pillars of the national economy. The same is true for Canada, where agriculture plays a very important role. True, only 7 % of the country's land area is used for cultivation, but that does not hinder Canada's productivity. Indeed, thousands of products are grown there every year, including corn, canola and fruit.

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