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The Domaine Labranche brand

If you like apples and ice cider, then Domaine Labranche is a place you will want to know. It is both a maple grove, a sugar shack, an orchard, a cider house, a vineyard and an apple shack.

This is a family business that sells homemade products, like ice cider and even craft ciders made from different selections of apples. To satisfy the palates of its customers, the Domaine Labranche brand has continued to grow and now offers a wide range of products that are distributed across Canada.

The history of the Domaine Labranche brand

Domaine Labranche is a multifaceted company located in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. It draws its influence from the agricultural wealth and the various terroirs of the Quebec region. Therefore, all of the brand's products reflect a sense of place with obvious regional variations.

Domaine Labranche is well aware that farming is a long-term business and that its customers need time to fully appreciate their products. It is therefore proud to present a selection of products that are all 100% locally sourced and suited to the palates of all consumers.

Products from the Domaine Labranche brand

The Domaine Labranche team has increased its production capacity in order to meet the growing demand from customers for their superior quality products. Heritage and modernity are expressed in all of Domaine Labranche 's activities: wine, cider, maple products, gastronomy and hospitality. From design to packaging, all are steeped in tradition but always meet customer needs with innovative products.

The experience has been passed down from generation to generation, because the Domaine Labranche brand knew it had to adapt to the times. This is why, today, it continues to meet the growing demand of its customers. The distinctive character of Domaine Labranche products has been hailed by a prestigious clientele who appreciate the innovative spirit of this young team who know how to preserve both traditions and the festive spirit.

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Brand: Domaine Labranche

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Prestige Ice Cider - Apple alcohol from Quebec

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