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The Pelee Island brand

Pelee Island is a Canadian brand producing various wines of one unique taste. It is located in an island of Canada Pelee. Hence the name of its brand.

Pelle Island where their viticulture rests there comprises more than 700 feet.

It is one of the biggest wine cultures from Canada. The wines are made with love and finesse in order to give the maximum taste for the amateurs. Wine production is done with respect for the environment.

History of Pelee Island

Winemaking was already a tradition for generations since 1854. The denomination given by the family is the Pelee Island Winery. The island has become a natural habitat for the grape cultivation. A Paris International Exhibition in 1878 was awarded to Pelee Island.

Pelee Island President and Winemaker Walter Schmoranz is one of the key players in the Pelee Vineyard. He is of German origin but he joined the island in 1986 to bring his skills. He was able to receive many laureates and medals throughout his career.

The Pelee Island Wine Advantage

Each vine is carefully controlled for better quality wine production. The wines are controlled and then specified for the protection of the environment. Many benefits are listed by Pelee Island Winery:

  • The very limited use of pesticides,
  • The choice for fertilizer 100 % natural products made from sorghum grass.
  • The type of soil is made of limestone, this provides good fertility for the grapes
  • The Canadian climate is a paradise for the vineyard,
  • Winds and lakes ensure good ventilation.

Pelee Island Productions

We can distinguish 02 kinds of wine with the Pelee Island brand:

  • White wine
  • Red wine
  • Its taste is unique with a slight acid and tender taste.
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Reference: LTE1201

Brand: Pelee Island

(13 reviews)

White wine from Canada - Chardonnay 2018

Price €12.99
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Reference: LTE1202

Brand: Pelee Island

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Canadian red wine - Cabernet Franc 2017

Price €13.99
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Reference: LTE1203

Brand: Pelee Island

(9 reviews)

Red wine from Canada - Pinot Noir Pelle Island 2018

Price €14.59
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