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There are few things in life that can equal the enjoyment of perfect wine in the company of friends and family. Imagine yourself in a place where the air is clean and fresh, where the sun shines and where grapes can be picked to create wines that reflect the "terroir". Welcome to Domaine Reif Estate Winery !

Domaine Reif Estate Winery has been producing award-winning wines from its vineyards for years. It's the only place you can find jaw-dropping Canadian winemaking.

The history of the Domaine Reif Estate Winery brand

Domaine Reif Estate Winery is a family owned vineyard and winery located in Ontario. This vineyard is located in the warmest sub-appellation in Canada, ideal for the production of rich, full-bodied and round wines. One of Domaine Reif Estate Winery 's vines was planted in the 1900s.

The brand is proud to be one of the oldest plantations of vinifera vines in Canada. This benefits winemakers across the country who can produce wines with a higher percentage of ripe grapes earlier in the harvest season. Domaine Reif Estate Winery produces wines from these heritage vines that reflect its origin. This allows them to age gracefully on our property or to blend with more recent grape varieties.

Products from the Domaine Reif Estate Winery brand

This great winemaking continues to be inspired by ancient traditions, but it is also continually evolving to reflect the way we live today. Domaine Reif Estate Winery wines are elegant, full-bodied and balanced, with complex aromas of fruit and spice. A single tasting will transport you to the place where they were made.

The Domaine Reif Estate Winery brand is dedicated to blending and aging fine wines in the most natural environment possible. His goal is to produce a quality wine that reflects the terroir of his vineyard and his love for red and white grape varieties. The strengths of the brand are:

  • The unique Old Canada plants were selected for their ability to produce a distinctive wine that gradually improves with each vintage.
  • Winemaking continues to be inspired by ancient traditions.
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Brand: Domaine Reif Estate Winery

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Icewine from Canada - Vidal Icewine

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