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The white horse brand

Le Cheval Blanc is a brand of beer founded by a family business based in Montreal. It dated back to 1924, just before the global economic crisis. At its head, François Martel, the microbrewery Cheval blanche stands out from its competitors by offering the market a competitive price: cheaper than the beers offered to the market. It is one of the few companies to produce beer in a small brewery.

In addition to its notoriety, the white horse has a bar open to the public with paintings, photos, etc. as a backdrop. Jazz and orchestra evenings make it a unique brasserie in the world.

History of the Cheval blanc brand

The beginning of White Horse was in 1924, when he was still as a simple drinking outlet. The origin of this name was unknown for the heir and owner François Martel. But according to his research, the white horse was a sign of peace after World War II. Almost all bars all over the world have opted for this name. For his grandfather, he preferred to keep the name and hence "white horse" to this day.

It wasn't until 1987 that Cheval Blanc started its own brewery after serving Molson beer for 63 years. It was the first bar to be a craft brewer. It produces up to 1000 liters in a week.

Currently the brasserie-bar can accommodate hundreds of people on site.

White horse beer

The Cheval Blanc brand produces a White beer bubbles made from two key ingredients: wheat and barley. They are blended with care and love for the best taste.

Cheval blanc beer is very refreshing and sweet with a slightly fruity taste. With an alcohol level of 5 %, beer can be served at parties or between families.

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