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  • Discover Quebec gins
    Discover Quebec gins

    While the market has long been dominated by brands such as Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray or Beefeater, small distilleries have multiplied in North America. Canada today produces quality, world-renowned gins. The best of these locally produced gins are beginning to gain more and more recognition. These products are sure to only get better from now on.

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  • How to use dark type maple syrup in your recipes?
    How to use dark type maple syrup in your recipes?

    Quebec maple syrup is an essential product of modern gastronomy. In pastry and cooking, this natural ingredient blends admirably with all types of preparations. Maple syrup is especially appreciated for its virtues on health. It is notably a 100% pure flavouring. % and very rich in nutrients. Currently, many people use dark maple syrup in their recipes. What are the characteristics of this much appreciated nectar? How to exploit the quality of this product in cooking and baking? Here are some...

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  • The lemon and maple syrup diet: an effective detox cure.
    The lemon and maple syrup diet: an effective detox cure.

    Who doesn't dream of losing unsightly little bulges before the arrival of summer? Thanks to a detox diet, we get rid of the toxic elements present in the body. Nothing like the lemon and maple syrup diet. So let's see what it consists of.

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  • Discover Quebec rums
    Discover Quebec rums

    If Puerto Rico has always been the first producer of rum in the world, Canada is now becoming one of the most powerful distilleries. The province of Quebec has indeed played a major role in this transition, notably with the creation of the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ). Currently, Quebec rum is doing perfectly well and is enjoying great success with both local and foreign consumers. Let's discover Quebec rums: the specificities as well as the different types.

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  • The Canadian-American Great Lakes region
    The Canadian-American Great Lakes region

    This region is made up of 5 lakes which cover a total area of 244,100 square kilometres. The latter are known as the largest group of lakes in the world after Lake Baikal which is located in Russia. The surroundings of the Canadian-American Great Lakes attract many hikers and tourists because of the beautiful landscapes they offer. Discover some necessary information to know in this article if you want to visit the places.

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  • The Indian Barometer of Canada
    The Indian Barometer of Canada
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    Barometers are devices used to measure air pressure and thus predict temperature changes. They have been used in meteorology and physics for years. Barometers come in different types including mercury, aneroid, gas, electronic and water barometers. These devices are also available in miniature versions to allow farmers to predict dramatic climate changes. On the other hand, there is an instrument with the same concept, but in a more traditional aspect. You will find out in this article!

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  • Maple water: an ideal drink for athletes
    Maple water: an ideal drink for athletes

    Nature has provided a delicious sports drink to hydrate you before and after a workout. This is maple sap, taken directly from the tree. It is rich in nutrients and its contributions can stimulate the performance and recovery of the body. Although it has been consumed for centuries, it has only recently been commercialized.

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  • The History of the North American Bison
    The History of the North American Bison

    The bison, also known as the American buffalo, is a large mammal that has roamed the North American continent for centuries. Native to the United States and southern Canada, this animal was vital to Native Americans before the European colonization of North America. The bison were central to the lives of early settlers who traveled west across the prairies and plains in covered wagons. Buffalo hide harvests were a valuable source of income for eastern suppliers. The large herds were soon to...

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