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History of the Pinnacle Estate

The Domaine Pinnacle 1859 reserve is a liqueur that has been made using the best cider that the estate produces. It consists of brandy from apples. The latter then ages in barrels. Thus, we obtain a liqueur characterized by raised flavors and subtle aromas.

The brand

Pinnacle produces this quality cider that is recognized by its complex nose. We seem to find the flavors reminiscent of apple cake and cinnamon apple sauce with a vanilla note. We also have this beautiful roasted note reminiscent of oak.

On the palate, the drink is intense and rich. We remember the flavors of the wine and the balance that exists between acidity and sweetness. Everything is perfectly balanced. The final notes are a bit bitter, but very pleasant.

Pinnacle Ice Cider

Let yourself be seduced by the subtlety of Pinnacle ice cider. It stands out for its beautiful elegance. Here we find the Quebec apple in all its splendour. Tasting it, we are in heaven, but the guests also love it in the mouth. It's just light and balanced.

The apples are harvested just after the first frosts. Thus, they are very concentrated in sugar. It feels like reliving the beautiful winter conditions of Canada. The cider obtained has a unique taste with the apple which is very pronounced. This bottle of cider is ideal for the digestive as well as for the aperitif.

With its orange reflections and its flavors somewhat reminiscent of honey, Pinnacle ice cider can be drunk from 5°. It is eaten with a portion of foie gras, salmon or fairly fine cheese. It can also be served to end a delicious meal.

Reference: LTE1006

Brand: Domaine Pinnacle

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Pinnacle Ice Cider - Quebec Apple Alcohol

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