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Schmidhauser cheese brand

It's no big secret that Schmidhauser Cheese is delicious. Made from raw milk, so it has fewer "bad" ingredients like milk fats in their 100% pure form %. It is a natural and complete protein.

For centuries, Schmidhauser Cheese has been considered an essential part of a healthy diet. The reality is that Schmidhauser Cheese can be used as an ingredient in all kinds of dishes. In addition, the brand offers a wide range of cheese: organic cheese, tommes, AOP and IGP, raclette and Savoyard fondue, goat and sheep...

The history of the Fromage Schmidhauser brand

For years, the Schmidhauser cheese dairy has been producing cheeses and dairy products in its region. Their know-how and their heritage are based on more than forty years of research and development. Schmidhauser specializes above all in the production of raw milk cheeses, without preservatives or additives.

Today, the company is run by a third generation of the family which continues the work of its ancestors while preserving its know-how and its heritage. They do this by investing in new equipment suitable for the production of artisanal cheeses, which allows them to increase their turnover while maintaining their high quality standards.

Products from the Fromage Schmidhauser brand

Schmidhauser cheeses are made only with milk from hay and grass fed cows. The Schmidhausers strive to take care of their cows and preserve their secrets, while constantly researching new techniques and recipes.

In their constant quest for improvement, the cheese dairy has chosen to constantly innovate to produce the best possible cheeses while respecting their territory. Today, the Schmidhauser cheese dairy is a modern company that manages its production chain: from the barn to the processing plant; from cheese making to maturing.

Schmidhauser cheeses have a soft, velvety texture. The fresh taste of these cheeses is due to the high quality of raw milk. They are the perfect ingredients for making sandwiches, cheesecakes, poutine dishes, etc...

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Brand: Fromage Schmidhauser

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Pack cheese + poutine sauce for 4 people

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Brand: Fromage Schmidhauser

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Pack cheese + poutine sauce for 8 people

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Brand: Fromage Schmidhauser

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Poutine cheese curds 500 g

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