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The famous “Snow” brand

Neige is a Canadian company that performs a fermentation of apples in order to bring out the taste of “apple wine”. It was founded by François Pouliot and its head office is in Hemmingford, Canada. This brand has become popular thanks to the particular taste of the fermented apple.

A little history of apple cider

Canada is a country where recipes are always good and full of surprises.

Ice cider is a cider whose apple juice is naturally fermented through natural cold. The climate of Quebec is favorable to the natural fermentation of the apple. Indeed, the cold winter is required to push the concentration of sugar that will be necessary for the realization.

The story began in the 90s by winemaker Christian Barthomeuf. He invented the ice cider recipe after being inspired by ice wines. It was not until 1994 that Barthomeuf gave François Pouliot a helping hand to be able to produce ice cider in large volumes.

Apple and cold are the secrets of this sacred drink. Nowadays, almost all countries are inspired by the Quebec ice cider. The Neige brand cuvée won the place for the best ice cider in the world in England.

Apple cider such a unique taste

Quebec ice cider is a real treat and has a particularity of exceptional taste. It is the mixture of a fermented apple and the action of cold on this process. The apples are harvested after the first frosts. When the apples are in a state of thawing, part of the water disappears and the concentration of sugar in the fruit is maintained.

The taste is similar to a stewed apple, with a perfect balance between sweetness and incomparable acidity.

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Brand: Cidre Neige

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Snow ice cider - apple alcohol from Quebec

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Brand: Cidre Neige

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Canadian Snow Gin

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