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  • Place Royale in Quebec
    Place Royale in Quebec
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    Are you going on a trip to Quebec? Old Quebec and Lower Town are certainly among the places you want to visit. Have you thought about seeing the Place Royale, which is also one of the country's points of interest? This square invites you to immerse yourself in the city. You will discover everything about Canadians and Quebecers. Let's discover the superb architecture of this pearl of Quebec. Tourists are amazed by its style mixing France and England.

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  • Practice ice fishing in Canada
    Practice ice fishing in Canada

    The ice fishing season in Canada is an annual event that takes place from the time the lakes freeze over. Most people only fish during the warmer months, but winter in Canada can be a whole other world of fun.

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  • How to replace white sugar with maple syrup?
    How to replace white sugar with maple syrup?

    White sugar is found in many culinary recipes. However, there are many reasons for replacing it with maple syrup. Whether it is to take advantage of a healthier product, to reduce the caloric rate in recipes or to highlight a refined taste, this substitution is entirely possible. Discover through this article what are the specificities of each ingredient and how to replace them.

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  • The Northern Lights in Canada: when can we see them?
    The Northern Lights in Canada: when can we see them?

    Do you dream of seeing the Aurora Borealis? You will be able to contemplate them during your stay in Canada. This phenomenon results from the meeting of gases, the solar wind and the upper atmosphere. It is often observed between the 65th and the 75th parallel. Let's see more about this.

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  • The Carré Saint-Louis and its houses in Montreal
    The Carré Saint-Louis and its houses in Montreal

    Once in Montreal, it is difficult to miss Carré Saint-Louis or Square Saint-Louis. Located in the heart of the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough between avenue des Pins and rue Sherbrooke, Square Saint-Louis has it all. In addition to being easily accessible, it is full of splendid places not to be missed. Among them we can cite the surprising colorful houses with Victorian architecture.

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  • How to store maple syrup
    How to store maple syrup

    A bottle or jar of maple syrup can be stored for several years if it is still sealed. This preservation does not require a particular temperature. However, it is advisable to keep the maple syrup cold once its container is opened. Indeed, this will prevent the formation of crystals at the bottom of the jar that could change the taste. Exposure to ambient air also promotes the development of mold.

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  • Percé Rock in Quebec
    Percé Rock in Quebec

    Percé Rock is located near the town of Percé, which gives it its name. This large monolith is located 750 km from Quebec and more precisely, in the Gaspé Peninsula. Why does this monument attract so many tourists? Let's find out in this section.

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  • Focus on the Canadian vineyard
    Focus on the Canadian vineyard

    The Canadian Vineyard is an idyllic rural getaway, with breathtaking views and luxurious accommodations. For the first time in the last 50 years, Canadian wineries are open to the public. Just a short drive from the Greater Toronto Area and the Ottawa Valley, it's not hard to see why our country is attracting international attention as a tourist destination.

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  • The Old Port of Montreal
    The Old Port of Montreal

    In addition to its title as a World Heritage Site, Montreal is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site consisting of three buildings: the Old Port, the Old Town and the Citadel. These three sites can best be described as a group of UNESCO sites (with some overlapping areas), as they are all connected and located in the same place. However, each of these sites is notable for its individual historical value.

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