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The brand La Maison Nokomis

If you're a fan of the taste that maple brings to cocktails, or if you're looking for an authentic Quebec maple product, look no further than La Maison Nokomis. When you buy alcohol or spirits from the La Maison Nokomis brand, you are sure to buy real, premium maple syrup, 100 sugars% pure by nature.

Maison Nokomis offers a quality product that combines the best of Quebec maple syrup with the expertise of a vineyard. The company is passionately committed to the traditional craft of producing spirits and liqueurs.

The history of the Maison Nokomis brand

Founded in 2017 in Stoke, Estrie, and only 3 years old today, La Maison Nokomis is already making waves as one of the top producers of premium maple syrup-focused alcoholic products. In 2018, their Légende wine won gold at the Nations Cup competition in Saint-Hyacinthe.

The company manufactures top quality, accessible and unique alcoholic products that showcase Quebec's finest resource, maple syrup. Maison Nokomis only works with local maple syrup producers and the best maple syrups are selected.

The products of the brand La Maison Nokomis

Maple syrup has a unique taste and texture that can be used in a wide variety of cocktails. Thus, the company offers four products, each with its own personality:

LEGEND CREAM : A rum-based liqueur with an original sweetness. It combines maple syrup from Quebec, milk and Canadian rum. It tastes perfectly balanced between these three ingredients.

ORIGINS : A whiskey-based liqueur created to highlight the subtle notes of maple syrup from Quebec. It is aged in calvados barrels. This product offers exceptional quality with its woody taste with hints of vanilla and maple.

AKENES : This maple liqueur is a perfect blend of herbs, spices and samaras. It has a classic and refreshing taste.​

LEGEND : A unique blend of pure maple syrup and vodka, with a touch of black licorice, cigar tips and red pepper. Its sweet taste will enchant you!

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Reference: LTE0818

Brand: Maison Nokomis

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Origins liqueur with maple syrup - Nokomis

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Brand: Maison Nokomis

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Akenes spice gin - Nokomis

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Brand: Maison Nokomis

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Fortified maple wine Legend - Nokomis

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