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Bull's Eye is a true icon in the United States. It does not only offer deeper. The sauces she concocts are also used to marinate, roast and accompany meat. You can even use it to garnish. The Bull's Eye brand offers the best barbecue sauces. These are the perfect accompaniment to each piece intended to go on the grill. This brand is the best to accompany the Calgary Rodeo. This brand highlights sauces that even season the already spicy pieces in order to enrich their taste. Bull's Eye is a safe bet in this area.

Brand history

The Bull's-Eye brand was created in the US in 1985. Its purpose was to improve the flavors of American barbecue sauce. This brand serves sauces advocating authenticity. Fans can try the smoky and full-bodied flavors to feast on while barbecuing.

Bull's-Eye has always had the vocation of offering sauces to complement all meats, from sirloin to chops and slices of poultry.

Bull's-Eye products

The sauces offered by this renowned brand vary from the most classic to new exotic recipes. Chilli, smoked wood, spicy… there is something for everyone.

Smokey bacon stands out with its delicately smoky flavors that go perfectly with chicken and fries. Just marinate the meat before putting it on the grill. The New York Steak House blends the flavors of onions and peppers. It accompanies any type of meat thanks to its pleasantly tangy taste.

Bull's-Eye Tennessee Style Sweet Whiskey Sauce gets its flavors from the delicious blend of honey whiskey. We will immediately enjoy the authentic flavors that mark Tennessee.

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