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A Rum that makes Canada famous

Chic choc rum is a range of spirits delicately crafted with care. The name rum chic choc is no coincidence. The chic choc is a reference of the mountainous region of Gaspésie, a peninsula in central-eastern Quebec. Made with a dozen selections of spices and a rum aged 3 to 5 years, its unique taste makes it an internationally renowned rum.

A little history of the famous Rhum chic choc

The famous history of this rum is fascinating. The beginning of the story was a love story. Yes, it is thanks to love that we were able to taste this elixir!

This is the story of two young people from a village in Gaspésie. Two couples loved each other, but their adventures came with terrible conditions. The young boy had to venture at his own risk and peril into the Chic-Choc Mountains to collect rare spices who are sheltered from a mysterious ferocious beast. It was a daring adventure for the young lover. He decided to overcome it and hit the road for the trip without forgetting his bottle of rum. A few weeks later, to everyone's surprise, the young boy arrived with the rare spices. It is from these spices that the famous chic choc rum was made.

Chic Rum shocks a rare elixir

Chic choc rum is an infusion of Nordic spice bouquet combined with a rum aged 3 to 5 years. The spices used are so unique:

  • Boreal spices
  • Dune pepper
  • Wild Fern
  • Cassinoid berries
  • wild celery root
  • balsam bayberry
  • Angel herbs

Its amber color close to that of copper with a smell of cinnamon mixed with honey makes this rum a unique spirit.

Its taste is pleasant in the mouth, with a note of orange peel and ginger.

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Reference: 7H-CUPK-NWR9

Brand: Rhum Chic Choc

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Chic Choc spiced rum from Quebec

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