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Macle-Intermiel is a beekeeping farm based in Mirabel, Quebec. Founded in 1976 by Christian and Viviane Macle, the estate today produces a range of honey 100 % from Quebec, resulting from the exploitation of 5000 hives. With its infrastructure entirely dedicated to beekeeping, the farm also has a maple grove with 14,000 taps and an orchard with 600 apple trees. Driven by its passion for the world of bees, Macle-Intermiel offers its fans a wide range of exceptional products, to be enjoyed without moderation.

The genesis of a family adventure

Beekeeping is more than a job for the Macle couple. Passionate about the sector, Christian decided with his wife to acquire a small farm in Mirabel in the mid-1970s. Visionaries, the Macles transformed the property into a beekeeping estate. The couple began by operating a hundred hives, producing their first range of honey. A few years later, Christian and Viviane opened their first shop and took up agrotourism. The torch will be taken up in 2006 by their daughter Éléonore, who will manage the estate with her parents and her husband. Now known as Intermiel, the Macle operation is considered one of the largest beekeeping farms in Quebec.

A large-scale operation

Macle-Intermiel is a whole universe dedicated to bees. The beekeeping estate manages the exploitation of 5000 hives from which tasty unpasteurized honey is extracted. The farm has a hydromelerie and a distillery that meet standards to ensure the traceability of its products. Quality being its key word, Macle-Intermiel invites you to savor its delicious honeys, maple syrups and many other delicacies: liquid honey flavored with eucalyptus or rosemary, wildflower honey, honey ganache and with dark chocolate, caramel with honey and fleur de sel, etc. Also discover its range of alcohol, mead and ice cider.

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Brand: Macle - InterMiel

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Macle Ice Cider - Apple Alcohol from Quebec

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