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The origin of the caribou drink

We must not confuse the caribou which is an animal and the caribou which is the drink of Canada. the caribou is of Native American descent. In Canada, drinking caribou has become a tradition at meetings or large gatherings. It is customary to offer each other a drink. From ancient recipes have been adapted with this type of drink, and this gave him the place of aperitif wine.

The famous caribou recipe

Caribou has the option of being made at home, but it is also sold by the renowned Canadian brand Mondia Alliance.

Caribou is not a single drink, but it is like punch, a mixture of recipes. The main ingredients are Red wine and thestrong alcohol. The percentage of wine must be greater than or equal to 75 % and the 25% remaining for alcohol. For wine, it is a sweet wine while alcohol can be a white whiskey. The purpose for this drink is to increase the rate of the taste of the alcohol and the intoxicating faculty of the wine. Then the aromatics are added to this drink. You can count on cinnamon, nutmeg or cloves.

After mixing all these ingredients, everything will be cooked and then served.

How to eat caribou?

Different from these friends, the consumption of caribou is a bit special. 03 different types of consumption are known to date. The first mode is consumption in kind, it suffices to consume the caribou without adding other liquids. The second mode is to consume it by adding ice cubes. But most particular it could be served hot during winter evenings.

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Caribou wine - Quebec folklore

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