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  • Cranberries and urinary tract infections
    Cranberries and urinary tract infections

    The cranberry, or cranberry, is traditionally consumed in North America to fight urinary tract infections. It would contain active ingredients helping to protect the body against the pathogenic agents responsible for these infections. We tell you more in this article.

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  • Canada's Wild Salmon
    Canada's Wild Salmon

    Wild salmon is one of the most popular and consumed species of fish in Canada and around the world. It is now considered a true local emblem, due to its cultural importance to the indigenous populations. Raised in aquaculture or living in the wild, this salmonid is a high value-added product that greatly contributes to the country's economic growth. Due to its special place in Canadian culture, wild salmon are currently the focus of many conservation strategies.

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  • Native American art in Canada
    Native American art in Canada
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    First peoples of North America, the Amerindians have a culture of their own. This term is used by anthropologists to refer to Indians who once lived in America and are considered Aboriginal. For those who are from Canada, the designation of First Nations people is much more appreciated. What can we say about these people? Origin, history and art? Focus on the subject.

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