List of products by brand Les Subversifs

Inspired by Canada's vast and rich heritage, "Les Subversifs" is much more than just a spirits brand.

It’s a taste revolution that seeks to subvert traditional expectations and introduce new flavors to the world.

Main Features:

Canadian Origin: Born in the heart of Canada, the brand draws its inspiration from the country's dense forests, sparkling lakes and cultural richness.

Bold Innovation: “Les Subversifs” doesn’t just follow the norm; she challenges it by offering spirits with unique and unexpected taste profiles.

Exceptional craftsmanship: Each product is the result of meticulous expertise, guaranteeing exceptional quality in each bottle.

Eco-responsible commitment: Concerned about its impact, the brand adopts sustainable practices, respecting the nature which provides it with its precious ingredients. With “Les Subversifs”, each sip is an invitation to discover Canada in a new, daring and surprising light.


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