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History of the Herbarium

L'herbier is a company that was created in 2004 in Quebec thanks to a naturopath by the name of Guylaine Audet. This brand specializes in the manufacture of body care also bearing the name “L'herbier”. It markets and manufactures cosmetics and body care products. Since its creation, it has advocated various values, from bodily health to well-being and respect for the environment. The company remains a distinct company, but it respects ethics and values that are fundamental to it. It works with producers and suppliers in addition to fair trade cooperatives. The aim is to optimize human health and well-being and to produce a harmonious relationship with nature.

Why choose this brand?

L'herbier is a brand that chooses natural ingredients and therapeutic plants from the region for the design of its products. The products also consist of nutrient-enriched foods. Added to this are stable essential oils resulting from unique manufacturing methods. These innovative and traditional techniques make it possible to create exceptionally healthy products for humans. The plants were chosen for their exceptional qualities. The labels indicate the list of ingredients from ecological cultivation. The products are free of insecticides and pesticides.

Herbarium products

Discover Madame Savon, the herbarium soap and the Canadian maple lip balm stick. Maple skin cream, maple body and hand cream… The latter consist of gentle emulsions for the body and for the health of the epidermis. They moisturize the skin thanks to their delicious texture.

The herbarium also offers its Acadian seaweed bath and wrap. Let yourself be seduced by the Acadian wild seaweed soap to soften your skin all day long.

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