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History of JaD'or

Jenny Lachance has been working in maple syrup production for twenty years. She works in the processing of products that come from maple. JaD'or is a premium maple syrup producer. You can stock up on candy, cones, maple butter… Consumers buy this brand's products to give away at events and parties of all kinds.

The JaD'or sugar bush is also a craft company that values its quality products. It offers a personalized service taking into account the needs of users.

The different JaD'or products

JaD'or offers you pure maple products. These include maple syrup, soft candy, maple butter, maple ingot, maple taffy. You will also find various processed maple products there. These are, for example, the jade beard and the choco-butter cones. Add to that the maple caramel, the lollipops by the dozen or the maple vinaigrette. There is everything to titillate the taste buds of fine gourmets.

JaD'or even offers various body care products including maple moisturizing cream and maple soap. Regarding the latter, it is an artisanal soap that has a pleasant slightly sweet scent, perfect for taking care of the skin.

In addition, if you need corporate, original and high quality gifts, discover the different offers of the JaD'or brand. You will make unique presents. You will even have the chance to choose gift wrapping and ready-to-use packs. In this case, you can choose the gourmet trio, the cook's trio or even the cook's trio. The latter consists of various maple products including the pot of granulated maple sugar, the maple vinaigrette, the maple caramel.


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Brand: JaDor

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Maple taffy soap on snow - 125g

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