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The Tradition Ste Julie brand is home to the largest and finest producer of cream caramel. With more than a century of experience, this family business offers more than a hundred different flavors of its famous cream caramel. Additionally, it features a unique Vermont maple syrup flavor that has become very popular in recent years.

About the Tradition Ste Marie brand

It is a Canadian natural food company whose main objective is the use of natural, easy to acquire, and quality ingredients. The main components of these recipes come from natural ingredients; this includes cream, butter, etc. The brand also emphasizes gluten-free and vegan options on offer.

Each recipe is subject to high standards of quality and safety: Tradition Ste Marie carries out all kinds of checks which guarantee consumers that they have a safe product to use as part of their personal diet. Finally, the automation of these manufacturing processes makes it one of the largest production plants in North America, so economically speaking there is no competition for this product.

Products from the Tradition Ste Marie brand

All solutions come from natural ingredients and are easy to acquire. The main components of any recipe come from cream and butter, but some may require the addition of food additives or flavoring agents such as vanilla and even chocolate, to name a few. But no matter how much is added, it's always real ingredients and not fake ones like palm oil or other artificial gums that can have an adverse effect on your health.

A Ste Marie product undergoes all sorts of checks which assure consumers that they have a safe product to use in their personal diet. These controls include the GFSI-BRC control standards. In addition, Tradition Ste Marie emphasizes the freshness of the cooking of its products. Once the batch is received, it is put in the oven within an hour to cook and make everything ready for sale. Thus, consumers receive food at its freshest and tastiest state.

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Brand: Tradition Ste Julie

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Traditional Ste Julie cream sugar

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Brand: Tradition Ste Julie

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Tradition Ste Julie maple syrup fudge

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