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The chemistry of spirits

Alchimia is a line of well-made spirits, produced and bottled in Quebec. Self-taught chemist Amélie Talbot designed the recipes to offer connoisseurs a glimpse of her universe. Made from natural ingredients, these specialty concoctions deliver rich tastes and delicate textures.

History of the Alchimia brand

What is Alchimia's secret? Not alchemy, that's for sure! In fact, Alchimia refers to chemistry. Since taking university courses in this discipline, chemist Amélie Talbot has been captivated by the old scientific concept of transforming raw materials into a high-end product. That's why she decided to name her new line Alchimia. Her personal passion for this ancient science also plays an important role in the production process: she uses herbal ingredients and extracts (including frankincense). This is a series of spirits that will charm connoisseurs with their delicacy and refined taste, whose products have already received several distinctions.

Alchimia brand products

The spirits products created by Alchimia are made with great care and precision. Each spirit is made according to a strictly defined recipe, so each of them is unique in taste, fragrance, color and aroma. Other characteristics that set Alchimia apart from most other spirits companies are their high quality standards and the artisan techniques used to preserve the flavor of their product over time. Alchimia expressions are based on these selected bases:

- Pure extracts of different spices such as orange, cardamom and ginger. - Distilled water from several sources using traditional methods and distilled wheat alcohol.

- The bases are then mixed with selected natural ingredients.

The fermentation of Alchimia entertains with its ancient legends. These products are of exceptional finesse and refinement. They are ideal digestives to entertain during the holiday season or simply to top off a meal. Their taste experience can also be enjoyed in many forms: on its own, as an ingredient in cocktails or as a base for other fermented drinks.

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Brand: Alchimia

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Alchimia maple cream with maple syrup

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