List of products by brand Brin de ciel

The strand of sky a brand that passes discreetly

Perhaps unknown to the general public, the strand of sky is a canadian brand which distributes small canned condiments. Almost hidden in social networks, the strand of sky manages to export a lot of products all over the world. Particularly in Canada, this company is powerful in terms of numbers and different kinds of items produced each year. This theory earned him the popular adage that “the habit does not make the monk”.

Le Brin de Ciel opts for typically Canadian ingredients

This company is very protective of local ingredients. the Canada is a country wheremaple is almost usually consumed. In its ingredient, maple is always almost mentioned in its labels.

Advantages of choosing “Brin de Ciel” products

Each company has its strengths to talk about their products. Brin de Ciel decided to use

  • 100 ingredients % natural: this means without GMOs or genetically modified organisms.
  • State-of-the-art production with state-of-the-art quality control,
  • Dairy-free for people with lactose intolerance,
  • No preservatives or artificial flavors or fragrances.
    Nothing better than for the family to eat organic products.

What are the products of “Brin de Ciel”?

To date, we could count more than 100 products % bit of sky. These items are carefully boxed with the current standard. We can cite :

  • Le brin de ciel apple butter: for a gourmet toast with a fruity taste;
  • Caramel butter with sugar and fleur de sel: this reminds us of the Canadian holiday season;
  • Caramel and maple with fleur de sel;
  • Cappuccino and fleur de sel;
  • Caramel with chocolate, white wine and almond;
  • Balsamic caramel and fleur de sel.

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