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The Bec-Cola brand

Bec Cola is a soda made in Canada. Since its debut in 2014, this soft drink has become a success mainly thanks to the fact that it is sweeter than most other soft drinks available on the market; due to a high percentage of maple syrup.

Bec sodas are made with only natural ingredients, no caffeine and no artificial sweeteners. They combine cola and maple syrup or cranberry syrup, which makes their flavor unique and refreshing.

The history of the Bec Cola brand

In 2012, Bec Soda Inc, a Canadian company founded by Olivier Dionne and brothers Gwendal and Kevin Creurer, decided to make a soda without the use of artificial ingredients. The company's goal was to produce a healthier alternative to the typical soft drinks available on the market at the time. It took them 2 years to complete their project.

After taking the time to tweak their formula and make sure it was done correctly; In August 2014, Bec Soda Inc. released their first product: Bec Cola. The product received a lot of attention and the success is such that the company decided to market it further and on a larger scale.

Bec-Cola products

Bec Cola soda is sold mainly in Canada, France, Belgium and Switzerland. It will soon be available in other European countries like Germany and Russia over the next few years due to its growing popularity among consumers in these countries.

Bec Cola ingredients are 100% natural: water, filtered carbonated water, citric acid, natural cola flavor, organic caramel color, natural beet sugar and pure maple syrup or pure cranberry syrup. Bec Soda Inc. guarantees that no additives are added to its syrup and that it does not contain high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) or phosphoric acid. Production is done on a small scale to maintain the integrity of quality standards throughout the process. This is why Bec Soda Inc. soft drinks are all products that comply with organic and sustainable standards.

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