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The iSense brand

A brand that is quite discreet in Canada. However, these productions are also sold well in Canada. Its notoriety is the consequence of Maple syrup flavored with several very distinct tastes.

iSense is made up of many local artisans. Its strengths are respect for the environment with the use of Organic Products quality. It has thus ruled out the production of maple syrup with genetically modified organisms or GMOs. All this provides a unique and exceptional taste.

Why does iSense only choose maple in all of its product lines?

iSense's choice of maple comes as no surprise. It should be noted that Canada is the country of maple syrup. On the Canadian flag, a maple leaf is the emblem. It is a plant typical of Canada which is transformed into syrup to accompany pancakes or crepes. Maple nectar comes from the sap that is collected every spring.

For iSens, it is therefore a business that is worth it, but also a kind of Canadian pride in producing items related to its homeland.

What makes iSens maple syrup unique?

The secret of its syrup lies in the originality of its recipe. Apart from the price which is cheaper, the taste is also there. Maple syrup has a sweet taste on the palate and very sweet. Its color is slightly similar to that of honey.

These products are made for all people, the syrup is gluten-free and dairy-free for people intolerant to these products.

Time to serve the famous iSens brand maple syrup

iSens maple syrup can be served cold as an accompaniment to breakfast. It is also popular for desserts, yogurts or ice creams. A real treat for the family.

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