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The inspiration that led to the creation of the Canadian shield

The French translation of the Canadian shield is le Bouclier canadien. So why this strange name? The Canadian Shield is an ancient story dating back many centuries before our era. It marked the settlement of Canada as well as its development. The unparalleled beauty of this country inspired the creation of this unique whisky. The Canadian shield is a whiskey distilled then aged in many batches.

The secret ingredients of Canadian shield

What makes it unique is its blend of 100 ingredients % natural and locally sourced. It is made from rye, corn and barley malt. These ingredients give it an exceptional flavor and pay tribute to its land of origin. A perfect distillation in a small batch offers a more than exceptional taste.

Canadian shield features

The Canadian shield is sold throughout the country of Canada and almost all over the world. Thanks to its taste which has a honeyed and malty note and its coppery and amber hue; its international popularity is beyond doubt.

It is bottled in glass to keep its flavor even for several years. The alcohol present in the Canadian shield is 43°, this provides a toning effect that is intoxicating.

How to accompany your Canadian shield?

This characterful Canadian whiskey can be tasted plain or accompanied by ice cubes to feel the taste more.

A cocktail prepared with charcuterie accompanied by this whiskey will leave the guests speechless. They will be in love with the taste and the color as well as the scent which is a little closer to maple.

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