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The Moosehead Lager brand

Most Canadians often consider Moosehead Lager to be the best lager in their country. Which explains why it is often very present in Canadian grocery stores and restaurants. It is a beer from centuries-old brewing traditions.

Moosehead Lager beer is truly one of a kind. Each batch is brewed in Canada under the direct supervision of qualified professionals. The brand is proud to be part of an industry that is dedicated to quality, precision and innovation.

The History of the Moosehead Lager Brand

Founded by a woman in 1867, the Moosehead Lager brand has been thriving for over 140 years. She's been through two wars, survived a fire and weathered the Halifax Explosion. It seems like nothing can stop the Moosehead Lager Brewery - not even 100 years of competition from the big breweries.

After all, how many breweries have been around for over 155 years? Today, Moosehead Lager beers are available across Canada, the United States and other countries around the world. Lager Moosehead is proud of its history and looks forward to a bright future for generations to come.

Lager Moosehead brand products

Although there are many types of beer, the most well-known beers are those of the Moosehead Lager brand. These beers are produced by cold packaging, or lagering, yeast in the bottle or in a cold room before consumption. This fermentation process protects the delicate yeast from thermal shock and helps preserve flavor and aroma, which intensify as the beer matures.

Authentic Moosehead Lager beer guarantees the highest quality and freshest ingredients possible. Only the best malts, hops and yeasts are used in the manufacturing process. Every six months, the quality team checks every step of the brewing process to ensure quality and consistency. This includes physical inspections, microbiological tests and chemical analyses. Only when a beer passes these tests is it approved for sale to customers.

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