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The St-Ambroise brand - McAuslan

If you're a beer lover with a penchant for local flavors, then McAuslan's Brewery is your go-to spot. McAuclan brand beers are known for their smoothness and exceptional taste.

The St-Ambroise - McAuslan brand is committed to quality and innovation in order to be the best brewery in Quebec. She continues to add new styles to her original line of St-Ambroise products, without ever forgetting her roots. As a result, she has won international awards.

The history of the St-Ambroise brand - McAuslan

Founded in 1989 on Saint-Henri Street in Montreal where it is still in operation today, the McAuslan Brewery is a prime example of the growth of the micro-beer industry over the past decade. It has become a synonym of good taste in Quebec. It is also the first commercial brewery to offer a gluten-free beer in Canada.

The brand is known for its commitment to corporate social responsibility. This commitment is reflected in all aspects of the company's activities, particularly in its environmental policy, which emphasizes sustainable development and responsible consumption. Its first product “St-Ambroise Lager ” was a great success and won the favor of consumers for its hoppy character and its vermilion amber hue. Some time later, McAuslan became the first microbrewery to offer bottled beer.

Products from the St-Ambroise - McAuslan brand

McAuslan specializes in producing lagers and ales with fruit, hops, citrus or chocolate flavors, as well as its own lager, made from malts and yeasts. This innovative brewery has always been guided by three principles:

  • A commitment to excellence in beer making.
  • An unwavering passion for quality.
  • Good corporate governance.

The brand beer St-Ambroise - McAuslan is a perfect blend of natural ingredients, which gives it an unparalleled taste and superior quality. The objective of McAuslan is to continue to improve its beer so that it remains at the top of its category. St-Ambroise products are currently sold in Canada, the United States, several European countries and online.

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Brand: St Ambroise - Mc Auslan

Beer St- Ambroise Apricot

This watery Canadian beer is flavored with apricot, and it has fruity final notes. Its fine white foam is placed on a beautiful yellow dress with gold accents. On the nose, we detect sweet and malty aromas, with notes of spices, fruit and apricot. We then detect a taste of cereals, spices and fruits in the mouth. The St-Ambroise Abricot is very slightly...

(3 reviews)
Price €3.99
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Reference: LTE0918

Brand: St Ambroise - Mc Auslan

St- Ambroise maple beer - Mcauslan

Active since 1989, McAuslan is a major figure in the brewing industry in Canada. Since then, the Quebec brewery has become a reference brand in the country, but also internationally. Among his finest creations, it is impossible not to mention the refreshing St-Ambroise maple beer. Brewed in facilities that respect the environment, this sweet beverage with...

(20 reviews)
Price €4.25
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Reference: LTE0919

Brand: St Ambroise - Mc Auslan

Rousse Griffon Beer - Mcauslan

This traditional English Ale (or American brown Ale) beer is made from malted barley, toasted wheat and hops. These ingredients and its cold filtration give it a little nutty flavor.On the nose, we smell aromas of caramel, malt, flower and hops. A dense and creamy white foam is placed on its dress with mahogany reflections. In taste, it is moderately...

(8 reviews)
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