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Canada's finest and its famous pancake

Who does not dream of a good fluffy pancakes for breakfast ? The Quebec brand Canada's finest offers a mix of ingredients for a homemade pancake. No more buying all the ingredients together. Just buy the famous “pancake mix” from the supermarket aisle and cook. That's it !

Why did this renowned brand choose a pancake recipe?

The choice is simple. Around the world, every country has a recipe which is emblematic of him and which makes him world famous. Switzerland has its cheese fondue, Morocco its couscous, Spain the seafood paella… Canada, the famous pancake recipe.

This is how the Canada's finest brand has chosen to move towards recipe of pancake to prove to the world that his country has the best taste of pancake in the world.

The Ingredients That Make Canada's Finest Pancake Recipe So Special

Like all ingredients of pancake, Canada's finest followed the rules, but added something that is typical of its country. 100 % of natural origin, the Canadian brand opts for certified organic sifted wheat flour as well as certified organic oat flour. All this by adding baking powder and stone ground sea salt.

The mixture of these ingredients is added an egg and milk. A moist and tasty recipe awaits you. The preparation of all this is done in an instant. It takes 5 minutes to cook.

In the Quebec tradition, a good pancake is always accompanied by maple syrup for a good breakfast with the family.

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