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TIPI of 100 products % canadians

TIPI is one of the brands that produces 100 items % Quebec. Canada is a rich country in terms of fruits and agricultural products, hence the option for TIPI to produce only for these local ingredients. Its particularity lies in the production of blueberries and cranberries which are fruits that are grown originally in Canada. This brand is also famous for its bison meat products and maple cookies.

Particularly in Canada, TIPI products are sold in large numbers and are exported all over the world.

The advantages of choosing TIPI products

All companies have their way of producing their items for a good sale. For the TIPI brand, she decided to:

  • Producing a gluten-free diet for wheat gluten intolerances
  • Producing a lactose-free diet, for intolerances to dairy products.
  • Do not use artificial preservatives or flavors.
  • Produce a diet low in saturated fatty acids.
  • Nothing better than eating healthy.

What are the TIPI brand products?

Many products of the TIPI brand are on sale in the international sphere. They are carefully boxed with respect for the environment. We can cite :

  • Cranberry berry: a berry from North America rich in antioxidants, eaten as a dessert or aperitif.
  • Blueberry infusions: a berry that is full of antioxidants and many vitamins such as vitamin A, E….
  • Bison sausage and terrine: an animal of the bovidae category, an animal originating in Canada; its meat is very popular.
  • Maple cookie: A Canadian tree, maple products are common in Canada.
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Reference: LTE0701

Brand: TIPI

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Bison terrine with cognac - 90g

Price €2.94
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Reference: LTE0610

Brand: TIPI

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Canadian spice blend for grilling -160g

Price €8.86
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